King Arthur’s Excalibur (Medium)

Symbols in the myth of King Arthur’s Excalibur comes from the gospel of Christ. Being Co-equal with God identifies our potential as Kings and Queens. Light is what transforms that potential into reality. All light comes through Christ’s atonement.

Potential: Since we are all made of the same materials as God, within us is the potential to become as God is. To realize this potential, we must all perform a work. God offers His parentage to instruct us in that work. And the savior offers His atonement to transform us, making us able to fulfill that work. Light is how we are instructed and transformed.

Light:  Light is the organizing principle. God and Christ extend the invitation, offering to give us their glory (Moses 1:39); or in other words intelligence; or in other words light and truth (D&C 93). Those who can receive light are given more light, and it grows brighter and brighter until the perfect day (D&C 50:24). But, the person who is unable to receive light, is given less and less, until they know nothing of the mysteries of God and are bound by the chains of hell (Alma 12:11).

From Abraham, we know that our individual pre-existent condition was not all the same. Some had progressed farther than others. There were souls who were noble and great, …and then there were spirits to be tried and tested. The veil removed our memory of which category we belong to. Abraham, in this life, needed to be informed that he was a noble and great one. Likewise, we too will not know our status until we have pierced through the heavens and are informed as was Abraham. The way to pierce the heavens is by receiving further light and knowledge, through conversations with the Lord, “through the veil.” True Kings and Queens identify themselves by their ability to receive light and truth, both faster and easier, compared to others. King Arthur and the sword in the stone portrays what makes a King or Queen.


Excalibur: “The Sword in the Stone” is a mythical story of how King Arthur became a King. The name of the sword is Excalibur. Only a true King could remove it from the stone. To wield Excalibur meant the same as having the power of God. The person who removed the sword from the stone was automatically considered a King. A King was made by the hand of God and was coronated and anointed by God alone.

That is the just of the story. The symbolism is very interesting. The sword stuck in the stone has no power. Likewise, the words of Christ is considered a stone …that has gone ignored for over 183 years (D&C 84:55). Despite the power within the stone (the words of Christ), when it goes ignored, that power is useless. Just like the sword stuck in the stone.

However, the initiate who seeks further light and truth by conversing with the Lord through the veil, receives greater and greater light, until he is filled with light. Having been filled with light, he’s a true King. The words of Christ are written upon his heart. His mind and will is the same as God’s. Therefore Excalibur is his! The King will do nothing contrary to the will of God.

When our mind and will is aligned with God’s our sword is released from the stone, and God’s power is ours, to divide asunder both marrow (internal) and bone (external). We become Kings!

King of Kings: Christ is not only a King, …He is a maker of Kings, thus the title: King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Christ’s atonement is not complete to you, until you become a King or Queen, by being filled with light. To be at-one-with Christ means to have your heart and mind in perfect alignment with His. The process of teaching you His mind and will is the process of making you at-one-with Christ (At-One-Ment).

The words of Christ is the initial offering of light, beginning the process of your at-one-ment. Christ’s words offer those seeking further light and truth, a glimpse through the veil, to see Christ, through the eyes of those who saw Him in the flesh (Ancient Prophets). Knowing Christ through scripture, increases your light, until Christ is unveiled, …as He was to the brother of Jared who saw the finger, and was brought back into Christ’s presence (Ether 3:15). Then, like Nephi in Helaman 10, your exaltation will be made sure, and your Excalibur will be released from the stone, …for you will ask nothing contrary to God’s will.

Conclusion: The creation of a King begins like all creations, …with matter unorganized. You always start learning the words of Christ from the point of weakness you were given.  But, if you are humble, and then have faith through the words of Christ, then can Christ’s grace make your unorganized matter, your weak things, into a King!


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