Money Is Emotion, Not Skill (400 Words- Really Short)

Money is not skill, it’s emotion. When money is high, emotions are high. When money is low, emotion are low. When people give money charitably, most times it doesn’t solve the problem, but it makes the giver feel good about themselves. Money is emotion, but it is not skill.

Take away money, and those with skill still have skill. But those who relied wholly on money, have nothing. Take a welders tools away and the welder still owns the skill to weld. Take the calculator away from an engineer and the engineer still owns the skill of engineering. But, remove the concept of money, and a banker, a broker, a tax collector, or anyone making money off of percentages of money exchanging hands, …they are left with nothing.

It is my opinion that the law of tithing has more to do with the relationship of giving skills (producing), than it does with money. All poverty can be eliminated with only ten percent tithes, if used correctly. However, when used ineffectively, it will not solve the poverty problem, nor will it produce much excess, and little will qualify for fire insurance.

Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, because He is the King who makes Kings, and the Lord who makes Lords. He has the ability to make Kings and Lords because He has obtained that knowledge to produce Kings and Lords. That is what the atonement offers, to make us Kings and Lords.

Giving a skill requires a genuine and long term relationship. Christ desires that with us, as we should desire to have a genuine and long term relationship with the poor among us. Poverty has a cure. It is producing. Tithing, used properly has the potential to make producers out of men. Producing is a skill that cannot be taken. When people become producers once again, then will God begin to give them …a land of inheritance.

Conclusion: Most occupations today require little skill, and depend on money. Those with the skills get paid little, while those who control the money get paid the most. This produces  a false sense of security. When “that day” comes, those founded upon money-control, …their hearts will fail them, as they will find themselves of little worth in comparison to those with skill. There will be no poor among you …when those among you are all producers. 


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