The Rejected Covenant (460 words- Short)

The Book of Mormon is not just stories, it is the offering of a covenant. Latter-day Saints have considered themselves covenant keeping people. However, few recognize studying the Book of Mormon as keeping covenants. For this reason, the whole church is under condemnation, even all.

D&C 84:54-57

54. And your minds in times past have been darkened because of unbelief, and because you have treated lightly the things you have received

55. Which vanity and unbelief have brought the whole church under condemnation.

56. And this condemnation resteth upon the children of Zion, even all.

57. And they shall remain under this condemnation until they repent and remember the new covenant, even the Book of Mormon and the former commandments which I have given them, not only to say, but to do according to that which I have written—

The condemnation remains until there is a people who repent and remember the Book of Mormon as keeping a covenant.

Recently, my bishop called me into his office to question my active participation in the lessons, both in Sunday School and Priesthood meeting. As an aside: I have never heard of someone being in trouble for not participating enough, even though that is surely the problem in both cases. The bishop told me that, “The gospel is simple. We, as Polynesians, are simple people.” Simple, somehow has been changed to mean that we can reject the new covenant, even the Book of Mormon (by glossing over or ignoring its contents), and still be considered acceptable to qualify for the blessings being offered there.

We recently returned from a road trip. I instructed the children to clean the van when we arrived at home. After a few minutes, they reported that they were done. When I inspected the van, there was wrappers and clothes, and trash all over. When I asked one child, she pointed the finger to her older brother. When I confronted the brother, he said that they all thought it was clean enough. I suppose they did what we often do, we campaign and convince all parties involved to agree to adjust the definition of clean to match our current efforts. Voting to allow gay and lesbian rights do not change those acts to be acceptable. Neither can a group of people redefine a “covenant making and keeping people,” or “a simple gospel,” without remembering the new covenant, even the Book of Mormon.

Conclusion: The writing is in the scriptures. You can use modern officers to justify your actions. But, no one will be held responsible for your salvation, but you. Hear the prophet, receive the prophet, but believe in Christ, and look to Christ and live. The prophet’s status does not dictate your eternal glory. Your personal relationship with Christ does!


4 thoughts on “The Rejected Covenant (460 words- Short)

  1. I like your conclusion: Hear the prophet, receive the prophet, but believe in Christ, and look to Christ and live. The prophet’s status does not dictate your eternal glory. Your personal relationship with Christ does!
    How on earth you can interpret the Bishop’s comments on “simple” to mean “rejecting the new covenant even the Book of Mormon” is beyond me. Nor do I “get” how you can figure that he is “glossing over or “ignoring” the contents of the Book of Mormon by merely talking to you about your anxious comments in meetings.
    Be that as it is, you, yourself, know that you take a bunch of time in whatever discussion you participate in or with whomever you discuss the gospel or any other matter. Nothing wrong with that. That’s just Rob!
    I enjoy your comments when they speak of Christ, rejoice in Christ, and offer a path in Christ without having to paste “Beware of Danger” signs on things said by others – who more often than not are pegged onto “officers” of the church.
    As Quintina said, “You can find the bad anywhere you look for it. But you can also find the good where ever you look for it!” Let’s look for the good. We will be sure to find it where ever we look. Much love to you, my son. Mom

    • In response to your judgement of my judgement: the bishop said that the gospel is simple, and we as polynesians are simple, we don’t read it that much, but we get it. My comments aren’t anxious. They are calculative, and scripturally based, but not anxious. My first inclination in class is not respond, as you might assume. My first inclination is to pray to God to discern if my comment is appropriate and enlightening.
      I am not about to seek for good in a place where bad thrives, nor would I seek out bad where good is. Truth is not ignoring the bad and only accentuating the good. Truth requires discernment, and discernment requires that we make greater and greater distinctions. Finer distinctions is intelligence, or in other words the glory of God. I am not an apologetic, nor do I justify sin. I am at fault for sin, but I do not excuse myself. However, I do claim ignorance. But one who claims ignorance can only do so as they seek further light and knowledge.
      If you prefer to only see the flowers, I don’t know how it will be possible for you to further your progression by seeking further light and knowledge. That requires us to see both the good and the bad. As we respond, we can express greater patience and long suffering, because by seeing the truth we also see our weakness. In your awareness of your ow weakness, you see the need to look past the ignorance of everyone else. But seeing only one side of the coin does not have the same effect. It has an opposite effect, defense.
      Don’t view my comments concerning my bishop or my children as condemnation of the people. I am identifying a condition, and trying to express a different way that aligns with the words of Christ as the remedy. You are too quick to see my comments in the light of someone who is “ANTI-something.” This entire blog was meant to emphasize the words of Christ, no matter what side we might find ourselves on, so that we can correct and align with them.
      I am not attacking anyone, any office, any group, etc. I am letting the words of Christ dictate what is true or not. If I am wrong, someone using the words of Christ could correct that, and both of us would be edified. But what I get from your comments is the repeating of the same message: “don’t say anything that hurts my feelings.” Now you haven’t said that in so many words, but when I say something that shakes the traditions of the church, you take offense and reject it, despite the fact that what I say is true (like the conversation with the bishop).
      You don’t have to read what I write, or respond to my writings. I have invited you to do so, and your actions are your choice. But I will write about the words of Christ, because, at church, I am not allowed to speak freely. And as of recent interview, I must limit even further my comments of the scriptures because it goes against their traditions.
      At least on this blog, I can speak openly about truth, and not be regulated by the lesson manual, the regulatory cliques of officers and their wives, and the all-seeing eye of the bishop. What I say is done before God, Angels, and these witnesses who actually read what I say.
      I will stand accountable for what I have written. And If I am wrong, I will accept the correction or the penalty that is associated with my exercising of my agency. But I will not be a follower of men. I will not allow a man to be a false idol to me. I will not have any graven images before God.

      • My dear son, that was such a grand defense to my comments which were to simply speak of Christ – Rejoice in Christ – Take the pathway to Christ. (Try being like Christ in our comments)This is plain and this is simple. The messages of Christ are all encompassing. Sorry, you did ask me not to post my responses to your blog. I shall respect that and not respond any more. You obviously do not respect my agency in being truthful in my responses, so there really is no point to respond. I still love you forever.
        Your Mom

        • Passive, yet aggressive. You put on a cloak of peace, but your judgements of me not respecting your agency has no validity. You are free to do as you please, respond or not. I would never disrespect you in your home, or in my home, etc. But, I simply will not conform to your traditions, especially when it goes against my beliefs. What you call Christlike is just redefining an apologetic perspective. Christ was not an apologetic.
          I have always responded to your comments contemplatively with scripture, and without contradiction, but you seem to twist things up and misrepresent what I say. For this reason, I will speak directly to your false traditions of unbelief, while maintaining my opinion of who you are, a queen. You are free to continue responding or not. That is your choice.
          This blog was meant as a forum to address truth, to seek answers to questions, to converse about Christ. A one-sided perspective, charged in false traditions and contradictions, can be reserved for Sunday School and Priesthood meeting. A member of the elder’s quorum presidency once told me that a discussion of the words of Christ can be expounded upon in another time and place. I asked, “What time, and what place?” He stood with a blank look on his face, as he ought to have. Church was intended as that time and place, but how much we expound in church is being reduced and regulated. It seems like we are not raising, but are instead lowering the bar. At least here, on this blog, I make time and space for those things.
          You are welcome to participate. But no one will treat your comments like a sacred cow. Here, we are equals, and can speak openly. Here, you are not the relief society president. That office holds no credentials to lift your comments to a higher status. Here, only truth matters. We can be nice, we can be civil, and we can be respectful. But, repeating the same message, that I’m not being nice, or that I’m being judgmental, or that I’m holding myself above everyone else, only gets monotonous and unproductive. Besides, I’m the one without a job, without a career, without a calling, without status, and constantly being brought into the bishops office for being offensive, so really who am I to judge and hold myself above the next?
          Do what you like. You always do.
          I love you too.

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