Kings and False Priests (1,000 words- Long)

False Priests and Kings are exact opposites. False Priests exercise priest priestcrafts. But a King works for the welfare of the people.

False Priests: The scriptures warn us against False Priests like King Noah, etc. False Priests specifically use “preaching” to set themselves up for a light unto the world. Those who do so, they do it that they might get gain and praise of the world. They have great aspirations, but they don’t seek the welfare of Zion.


2 Nephi 26:29

“29. He commandeth that there shall be no priestcrafts; for, behold, priestcrafts are that men preach and set themselves up for a light unto the world, that they may get gain and praise of the world; but they seek not the welfare of Zion.”

We often claim to have part in Zion. But, where do we discuss Zion? Where is there one heart and mind, and no poor among them?  Have we resigned to accept our current condition, that Zion will happen when the prophet commands it? Or, has Zion not come because we seek not Zion?

False Priests thrive in conditions of large stratified economic conditions (where the difference between the rich and the poor is huge). In the down-turned economy we now face, the environment is perfect for men that preach and set themselves up for a light unto the world, to get gain and do nothing for Zion. The indicator that the church is not immune from this problem of False Priests and priestcrafts is evident in the stratified economic conditions have, …even amongst ourselves. In this environment, we are not of one heart and mind, and there are too many poor among  us that we know what to do with.

King: A King, on the other hand, is the greatest, therefore he is the servant of all. The King had the ability to teach men one heart and mind. He had the ability to remove poverty, by teaching the people to have no contention among them, and to produce. Everyone shared in the spoils and the wealth of the kingdom, and the King worked along-side His subjects.

The King annually visits his subjects. He recognizes them personally, by visiting them in the flesh. And each time he does so, the King performs a ritual battle in which he defeats the enemy serpent, thus promising his people his godlike protection. He is the protector and servant of all within his kingdom.

Interestingly enough, when a King beckons your presence, you have three days to respond and appear before the King. If you do not appear before the King within that time frame, you are considered an “outlaw.” you are banished from the law of the king, and cannot partake of the wealth of the kingdom for three years. However, on the other hand, if you marry into the kingdom, the King recognizes you as an “in-law” and worthy to receive all the blessings and protections of the kingdom.

A King does not seek your worship. Instead, he seeks to improve all, so that all men might be prophets. When his kingdom naturally grows because of its success, not only does he prepare his predecessor, but he teaches other men to become Kings like himself, and gives them the support to build their own kingdoms. Thus, he becomes a King who makes Kings.

Recently, Mom and Dad came to Utah to visit. From the day they arrived till the day they left, they worked on helping me pour my concrete pad in my back yard. They paid for their own airfare, they worked the whole time, …and when they left, they slipped us and my kids some money to boot! I am sure that they have done this to all my siblings. And I gladly receive it, recognizing my parents as Kings and Queens. They don’t claim to know all, but what they have, they give freely to those among them. We are fortunate that we have parents of this caliber. This mentality is opposite to that of the False Priests discussed above.

Conclusion: I know that most reading this blog, unfamiliar with the words of Christ and my testimony, can read this and take offense, as you may feel that your religion is under attack. This is not the truth. It has been prophesied that there will be a sifting of wheat from tares in our day. Always, at the close of a dispensation in apostasy, it is the officers who have strayed and changed the ordinances. The common saint never had the power to do so.

In my recent interview with the bishop he asked me if I affiliated with any individual, or group, whose teachings went contrary to the doctrines taught by the church? But recently, the church has made donations to LGBT charitable foundations, in their support, contrary to their own temple recommend requirements. I was questioned by my bishop for diving too deep into the scriptures, but no one bothers the teacher diverting from the lesson to teach his own theory, or the person who makes no comments in class, teaches false doctrines, sleeps in class, hangs out in the halls, or goes home and doesn’t even attend. In a recent leadership meeting Elder Oaks defined someone like me as apostate, yet I attend every meeting on Sundays, I participate too much, I watch all the general conference talks (without dosing off to sleep), I go to all my stake conferences, I perform a thorough study of the scriptures on a daily basis, …but I am the one in question. I am labelled the threat that needs addressing. This just does not make any sense, except that it is fulfillment to prophesy being repeated, just as it did when the Jews crucified Christ.

These are the latter days. If many are called and few are chosen, then those standing in a crowd of many ought to consider the words of Christ being presented by the few. There aren’t many speaking the words of the New Covenant, even the Book of Mormon. It’s time for those who are of Israel to return to the covenant of the Fathers, by turning their hearts to the promises made to the Fathers. Feast upon the words of Christ, it is there that the promises made to the Fathers are written. Receive the covenant!



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