Changing the Ordinances (650 words Short)

At the turn of every apostasy and restoration, it’s the changing of the ordinances that have filtered the light. What had replaced them was false traditions of unbelief. Each time, wresting the scriptures were the culprit.

Changing the Ordinances: At the time of Abraham, he had to correct the ordinances of his father Tera, and the endowment of the Egyptians, for they had all strayed from the ordinances. Once the heavens were opened for Abraham, the ordinances were corrected, and the heavens were reconnected.

Moses comes during a time 400 years after Joseph of Egypt. Once again, he comes to a people who have strayed from the ordinances. Moses is brought back into the presence of  Christ, reopens the heavens, and corrected the ordinances. With the ordinances in proper functioning order, the house of Israel was offered to come up to Sinai. They rejected the invitation, and found themselves in apostasy at the time of Lehi.

Lehi, retained the scriptures, so that an entire nation doesn’t dwindle and perish in unbelief. Therefore he too preserved the ordinances, which had been corrupted by the Deuteronomists that had already gutted the temple and removed precious and plain truths. The Lord gave Lehi the plan of redemption, to offer them light in the wilderness. However, by the time of Christ, those ordinances had changed again, and the finer points of the doctrine changed as well.

Nephi was given instruction of Christ how to do those ordinances, so that there would be no more disputations among them concerning the points of Christ’s doctrine. The Lord scolded them in 3 Nephi 24, saying, they had strayed from His ordinances. If they would return unto Christ, then Christ said that he’d return unto them.

In the first section of D&C, the Lord again warns that the early saints have strayed from the ordinances, sought after their own gods, which are in the likeness of this world, which is Babylon the Great.

When people change the ordinances, they cannot receive the fullness of the doctrine of Christ. Therefore, the power of godliness cannot be manifest unto men in the flesh, the people are condemned for 183 years, and cannot return into the presence of Christ.

Traditions of Unbelief: What always replaces light is false traditions of unbelief. Traditions of unbelief have always been the cause of the destruction of entire nations. But we find security in traditions, and we find it almost impossible for us to let them go. Therefore, one who suffers from traditions of unbelief, will find it difficult to repent.

Wresting the Scriptures: When we use opinions to define our salvation, it will not justify our ignorance of the scriptures. Personal revelations will be ungrounded, and difficult to connect with others who have not had the same revelation. The scriptures were meant to be clearer as people come together and discuss their personal revelations, in terms of the scriptures. Then, my revelation can reveal more of the Book of Mormon. Other people sharing their revelations clarify even further, more and more until all men know the Lord. That is how we talk of Christ, preach of Christ, and rejoice in Christ. Wresting the scriptures make the words of Christ into mumbo-jumbo, so that men are left confused, separate, and alone, to follow after the lustful desires of their hearts, to their condemnation.

Conclusion: In our current day, the ordinances are still being changed. Since the ordinances accompany a covenant, and a covenant is accompanied by a promise, …then, if we stray from the ordinance, the covenant is broken, and the promise is null and void. “Return unto me,” He said, “…and I will return unto you…” That is the objective, to return to Christ. That is redemption, to return unto Christ.

Let us not walk into destruction by wresting the scriptures. The scriptures are enough to cast out false traditions of unbelief, and to return to the ordinances described. Then we too can receive the greater light and knowledge, being sent through messengers.


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