Priesthood, A Different Look (800 words Medium)

What priesthood really is, …no one seems to know. “The authority, given to man, to act in the name of God,” seems to be …a snare for speaking God’s name in vain. Getting things right, regarding the priesthood, means “everything,” when it comes to being redeemed from the fall, and obtaining salvation and eternal life. Perhaps a different look into priesthood might prove beneficial.

My Best Guess: My earnest and honest “best” guess at the priesthood is: it is a conduit or medium for light. Miracles can happen without priesthood, through faith. So can healing, and moving mountains. But, the power of godliness is manifested through the ordinances, and the ordinances can only come through the priesthood. Therefore, the priesthood is a conduit or medium through which light (knowledge) travels, to provide ordinances, in preparation for the power of godliness to be manifested to men in the flesh. Light is everywhere, but the priesthood, like a lightening rod, harnesses the light and power. That’s my best guess, …but I reserve the right, …to be wrong!

God’s Name In Vain: Claiming to speak in the name of God, when you have not been authorized by God Himself, is what is meant by speaking God’s name in vain. Using “Jesus Christ!” as an expression of frustration, or saying “God Damn-it!” hoping that God would damn an individual for offending you, are only expressions of request! They claim no authority, and do not speak as if they were instructed of the heavens to counsel life choices on behalf of God.

It seems as if the only people who can “speak God’s name in vain” are those claiming to have priesthood keys of authority, of any degree. Claiming priesthood is surely a double-edged-sword, when speaking God’s name in vain. There ought to be great certainty in what you know, before acting in God’s name.

Due to fear and uncertainty, priesthood blessings are full of disclaimers: By your faith, …if it be God’s will, …according to your righteousness, …as the stars align to form the shape of Ronald McDonald in the night sky, etc. Ridiculous? …I know, …but everyone does it. Likewise, our daily prayers become vain and repetitious. I’ve never heard of a more fearful people than us Mormons, as we depart from our Sunday meetings. It’s as if we all must drive through some “war-zone,” …because we all pray that “No harm or danger fall upon us as we travel home after our meetings.” This is due to our ignorance in our God. When we come to know the correct perfections, attributes, and characteristics, perhaps then we could avoid using God’s name in vain, and discontinue offering “blessing-disclaimers,” and vain and repetitious prayers.

A Different Look: The traditional view of The Oath and Covenant of the priesthood (D&C 84:26-42) points to Aaronic as the lesser priesthood, and Melchizedek as the higher priesthood, and that through these two priesthoods we have become:

  • sons of Moses and Aaron,
  • the seed of Abraham,
  • the Kingdom,
  • the elect of God, etc.

Perhaps a different way to read it is:

  1. Obtain the preparatory priesthood (Aaronic and Melchizedek) among men
  2. Offer up and offering in righteousness in God’s Holy Temple and receive the heavenly priesthood, from the mouth of God Himself
  3. Then you become the seed of Abraham and the elect of God, etc.

If we had what we currently claim to have, we would be in Zion already. Those who think that Zion is operated the way things have been operated in the church, can continue in that path, and receive the benefits/consequences it provides. Otherwise, something must change in our understanding, in order for our actions to change, thus producing better results than we currently suffer under. Those results being Zion.

Conclusion: I know that the way things are done right now cannot produce Zion as described by all the ancient prophets, recorded in scriptures. There is too much inequality. The bosses exploit the labors of the poor. Poverty is at its greatest. There is too much devision and contention based on the finer points of Christ’s doctrine. What we have is not Zion. Yet, we vainly call our stakes, “Stakes of Zion.”

The foundation of Zion is an invitation for Enoch to return. If the invitation does not exist, Enoch will not return. But we know that they will return, so the question remains, will you be able to bare their light when they return, so that Enoch will fall upon your neck and kiss you. Or, …will they that come burn you up?

All of this is found in the scriptures. If you do not understand them, it is because you ask not, neither do you knock. Therefore, you must perish in the dark (2 Nephi 32:4). Feast upon the words of Christ. The words of Christ will tell you all things what you should do.


2 thoughts on “Priesthood, A Different Look (800 words Medium)

    • Not sure what you’re asking? Ordination among men has validity among those who ordain. Priesthood seems to be the light that unifies that relationship among those men. Although that light is smaller, when compared to ancient Book of Mormon prophets, it is a unifying light none the less. The people who did the ordaining, when being unified by the words of Christ, have the power of unification, which is what the priesthood is purposed to do, seal-up, or unite. The lesser priesthood among men was meant as an invitation to the heavens. When priesthood is done correctly, the heavens take notice, and what is sealed on earth becomes sealed in the heavens. Getting priesthood seems to have something to do with being unified in the labor, based upon the words of Christ, in our lesser degree of priesthood.

      I’m not sure if that makes sense! What do you think?

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