Unity Opposed to Entropy (1500 words long)

The lesser priesthood was intended to produce unity. At-One-Ment is an offering that Christ made for men to be At-One with God and Christ. When light cleaves to light, oneness is the result, but darkness produces separation, distance, decay, and entropy. As we seek to accumulate light, unity will conquer entropy.

Unity: The lesser priesthood has sufficient light to produce unity among men, based on the things of this world. When we can see the word “church” as a gathering of people, a congregation, a group of seekers of Christ (not an organized institution or a corporation), then we can finally see “people” as the only true assets. Take a look at this scripture:

D&C 78:3-6

“3. For verily I say unto you, the time has come, and is now at hand; and behold, and lo, it must needs be that there be an organization of my people[a uniting of the people of God], in regulating and establishing the affairs of the storehouse for the poor of my people, both in this place and in the land of Zion—

4. For a permanent and everlasting establishment and order unto my church, to advance the cause, which ye have espoused, to the salvation of man, and to the glory of your Father who is in heaven;

5. That you may be equal in the bonds of heavenly things, yea, and earthly things also, for the obtaining of heavenly things.

6. For if ye are not equal in earthly things ye cannot beequal in obtaining heavenly things;

The lesser priesthood is meant to provide unity among men in earthly things. Then, when we have equality among men in earthly things, that is a sign to the heavens that we are ready to be equal in obtaining heavenly things.

It is not sufficient to be united based upon the doctrines, or the faith, or the principles alone. There must be a labor performed. There must be works. We have to labor together, and put into practice the principles. There must be a storehouse that removes poverty, so that there is not any poor “among us.” Faith without works is dead. Take a look at this scripture. I call this one “All Mout!” Talk is cheep, and can produce nothing unless there are works that reflect the faith.

James 2:14-17

“14. What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him? [A good question, can you be saved only by knowing something, or must you act? Must you do the labor? I think so]

15. If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food,

16. And one of you say unto them [This is were we only talk- all mout- but do nothing], Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them NOT those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit? [Like I said, ALL MOUT! Faith without action is good-for-nothing!]

17. Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.

The unity among men, by way of the lesser priesthood, requires both the covenant of faith, to bear one another’s burdens that they may be light (baptism), …and the sacrifice offered of “real labor” to make faith a reality (sacrifice/sacrament). Thus, two ordinances that point to a covenant, and a sacrificial offering, is baptism and sacrament. These are the ordinances, that if done properly, produce unity among men, efficiency, and oneness. These are also the ordinances that the scriptures keep reminding us that every apostate civilization has strayed from. Thus there were wars and rumors of wars.

The successful implementation of these two ordinances are designed to remove poverty among us, and to generate abundance, so that we can spend our excess time seeking further light and truth.

There is more work to be done in our abundance, produced by our unity. Once we have obtained abundance, most think that now we can go on our eternal vacation. What we do with our abundance in earthly things will be what we will be judged by, concerning the abundance the Lord has to offer us in heavenly things (treasures in the heavens). The city of Enoch walked and talked with Christ for 365 years on earth, before being taken up into the heavens. They were first one in earthly things, but that took labor and a lot of time. That work could not be hastened, even for the city of Enoch! Joseph Smith said that it will be a long time after we have passed through the veil, before we can become like God. Connecting to the heavens is the beginning of the great and marvelous work about to come forth among the children of men. That is the work that all ancient prophets looked forward to.

But, from sad experience, we see that we are often like the dog that turns to his vomit. We throw up, and then, once we are relieved from throwing up, we go back and eat the vomit, until we throw up again. As gross as that sounds, isn’t that what we constantly do? When we have abundance, we don’t have the pressure to seek light anymore, because …all is well in Zion? So we eat our vomit, wear costly apparel, hold ourselves above the next, and exercise unrighteous dominion when we are given a little authority (as we suppose). It is true enough for me, so I’ll be the first to admit it.

AT-ONE-Ment: Christ is the real action hero. He is the real example of faith turned into action! He did the works necessary for all men, if they come to Him, His grace is sufficient for all men to make their weakness into strengths. If men come to Him, He will make of them Kings. But, in order to come unto Him, …we must be one. Any contention amongst us rejects the assistance of Christ. The words of Christ was meant for men to become one. When the words of Christ are rejected, we fall out of order, we generate jarrings, malice, strife, just as the early saints did (D&C 101:6). When light cleaves unto light, oneness is the byproduct. Reject the light being offered in the words of Christ, and that produces separation, distance, decay, and entropy.

Entropy: The continual movement towards disorder, is how entropy is defined. The speed of our disorder is dependent upon how much light you still have. The more light you obtain, the slower you move into disorder. The less light you obtain, the faster you move toward disorder. The ultimate disorder is death.

The ultimate order, on the other hand, is eternal life. Therefore, more light, translates into more life. When you are filled with light, you have obtained eternal life. Christ could not be killed, but necessarily gave up his life to the hands of men (the ultimate sacrifice). Since His was an ultimate sacrifice, he could give it up, and then take it back again. His sacrifice was His ultimate triumph over all enemies. Our sacrifice, in order for it to be acceptable, must reflect Christ’s. We too must overcome entropy, by obtaining eternal life. The words of Christ, that we have been given (the one-third of the Book of Mormon that was translated), was intended to begin that process. 

Conclusion: Today I witnessed a group of brothers and sisters taking faith, through the study of the gospel of Christ, and turned it into a labor. One of those among them needed to move, and all were united in that effort. They spend much time discussing the words of Christ, but this was where the words of Christ came alive, “by sacrifice.” It wasn’t much, but it was enough to take notice. Without taking action, their faith would just be “All MOUT!” 

However, as we grow in our faith, by the study and unlocking of the words of Christ, through the laboring over the scriptures, and the exercising of our faith by laboring often and together, we too can produce works. In other words sweet fruit. The sweetness of our fruits will be tied directly to our labors, and will attract the attention of the heavens. Thus, we can qualify to be plucked up by the hand of the Lord, to be given the highest priesthood, to be filled with light, to belong to the fellowship of the heavens, to be members of the church or the congregation of the First Born.

That is the plan of salvation, to give life, to give eternal life. That is how we place all our enemies beneath our feet. That is how unity overcomes all entropy. That is the plan of redemption. That is the sum of all truth, circumscribed into one great whole. That is Christ!


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