Light to the Poor Among US (800 words- small kine medium)

I was just thinking that if the poor are poor because of their degrees of darkness, and since everyone has some degree of darkness, than how do we define the poor “that is among us?!” Lately, those who experienced the healing powers within the scriptures have caught my interest. But I reserve the right to be wrong, and incomplete in this idea. Consider the following.

Giving Light: If poor is properly, and uniformly, defined as degrees of darkness, then someone wielding light has something to offer. And, while one man’s light can illuminate another man’s darkness, man is not the source of light. Christ is the ultimate source of light. All light comes from Christ, or is circumscribed into “one great whole,” …and that great whole is Christ. Thus, Christ is the way, the truth and the life, …and no man come unto the Father but by Christ. So, if it is light that we offer, than it is really Christ that we offer.

Sometimes, however, people don’t want to hear truth. Some don’t like to receive light. The don’t want to talk of Christ. Although they qualify as poor, since they don’t want light, what then? The priesthood requires persuasion, gentleness, meekness, …and refuses the use of compulsion and manipulation, in any form. Just because the poor have darkness, doesn’t necessarily mean they want light. Which brings me to discuss those who were healed in the scriptures.

The Healed: I haven’t read one case of healing, in the scriptures, where the one being healed didn’t want to be healed. The woman who, using faith, touched the hem of Christ’s clothes and was healed, sought to show faith in Christ. The case of the blind man that was given his sight, three times he was questioned, and finally cast out for bearing witness of Christ’s healing, before Christ re-appeared to him, to claim the blind man for His own.

A common phrase of advice that Christ tells each of those who are healed is quite interesting. Christ often says, “Go, and sin no more.” How is it possible to “sin no more” if you haven’t replaced the darkness that caused the sin in the first place? Would Christ heal someone, and tell them to “sin no more” without giving them light that empowers the individual to sin no more?

Perhaps a qualifier of those who were healed was that they were seeking for further light and knowledge. Then, when they received it, …then they could “sin no more.”

Among US: The word “among” means to be in the company of, or to be a member of something. I often hear the saying that great minds think alike. The scriptures say it in a similar way. They advise us that the wicked will take care of the wicked. If light cleaves to light, and attracts more light, it would make sense that darkness likes the company of darkness just the same. So, in order for us to be of one heart and one mind, with “no poor among us,” then those among us must also be “seeking further light and knowledge.” Oneness in heart and mind can only be obtained in light.

Conclusion: Those who seek light, feast upon the words of Christ. Their progress in the scriptures generates questions, requiring if them to seek understanding, which promotes revelations upon revelations. When revelations are insufficient to instruct, Angels are given to instruct those of “a firm mind in every form of godliness.” And Angels expound the words of Christ (the tongue of Angels), for all who will receive them to come unto Christ.

Since the whole church has been under condemnation for over 183 years for wresting the scriptures, those who gather to know the scriptures, are they who seek further light and knowledge. When discussing the scriptures with those who don’t seek light, those who want light are always cast out. This is necessarily so, for both the seeker of light, and they who cast them out, to be judged.

We are all poor. Those among us “ought to be” those who are seekers of light and knowledge, and want to converse with Christ through the veil, and be brought back into His presence. Look around at those who are “among you.” Consider what they seek, and you can see what it is that you seek. What is isn’t always what ought t be.

Surround yourselves with those who talk of Christ, preach of Christ, rejoice in Christ, and teach their children to what source they may look for a remission of their sins. Or, in other words, to what source they may look for the light that will remove the darkness that keeps causing your sins. Look to Christ and live!


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