Go to Zion -vs- Escaping Babylon (600 words Short)

“Going to Zion” is often replaced by “Escaping Babylon.” Since we know little of Zion, and a lot of Babylon, we speak in terms that we are more familiar with. This idea leaks through when discussing the atonement. We often hear that Christ paid for our sins so we can escape Babylon, rather than teaching people to come unto Christ to be filled with light, and enter into Zion. When we speak in terms of light, we will realize the necessity for Christ to play an active role in our personal salvation. However, when we speak in terms of darkness, sin, and Babylon, we find ourselves ever searching and never coming to an understanding.

Escaping Babylon: Divorce is more and more common than ever before. When people get married, everyone comes with baggage, …or a trailer full of crap. You can’t smell the crap as you’re driving from place to place (dating). But as soon as you stop to settle down, suddenly, something starts to stink. We automatically point the finger, fight and get divorced. As a free person driving from place to place again, living the single life, you can’t smell the crap in the trailer anymore, so you think that you’ve solved the problem. The reality is, your pulling the crap wherever you go, you just can’t smell it till you stop to face reality. Although we speak of divorce as breaking apart marriages, it’s no different when it comes to being sealed to Christ. You can never find joy and happiness, when the problem is within you.

Escaping Babylon suggests to the mind, going away from something. But when you go away from something, you suggest to your mind that the object of importance is what you are going away from. An example of this is the children of Israel, who fled Egypt, but kept looking backwards toward Egypt. Nothing replaced their familiarity with Egypt, so while they were free-men, their hearts and minds remained trapped in Egypt.

Going to Zion: The idea of “Going to Zion,” places vision of a destination as the leading principle. With the leading principle of Zion as a destination, now you can ask the serious questions of what does that look like? This mindset promotes scripture study to define Zion in detail, so that man can know how to be reconciled to God, to produce Zion.

We know little of Christ’s atonement because thinking in terms of our sins is too emotional. However, addressing the light being offered through the atonement gets completely overlooked. Yet, scriptures state that “knowing Christ” …is eternal life. We gotta re-train our minds to think in terms of light rather than in darkness.

Conclusion: The process of being filled with light is, seek Zion within you, by spending as much time as possible studying light. Someone filled with light doesn’t need to be commanded in all things and will “act” and not be “acted upon.” Those who constantly seek light will be given more light and more light, until the perfect day.

When men are filled with light, only then can they be gathered in. The gathering is not a certificate of completion. It is a new journey, to see if you can exchange light, and receive light from any source. When light is at the center, a people will be united. Once there is a people on earth, as it is in heaven, then can God give them a land of inheritance.

Once a land is given, and a temple built there, Christ will come to finish the work of faith, by giving light and knowledge. Thus, Christ is the author and finisher of the faith. And when Christ is done with you, you do not have faith any longer, you have firsthand knowledge.

Focus on the light.


One thought on “Go to Zion -vs- Escaping Babylon (600 words Short)

  1. Hi! I have read through most of your blogs and agreed or disagreed with them in my comments. Each has clearly stated the “problem”, the “issue” at hand and have directed us to what you consider is the solution. However, I must comment that with this blog, you are all over the place. Really!!!!! From divorce to Zion to overlooking the atonement . . . .
    Each has its own merits, but the solution is the solution to all things in general, in specifics, individually and collectively. You have commented on that a ga-zillion times. But the preceding paragraphs just don’t jive. Not for me anyway. I always love the solution. It shows the way.
    Love you,

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