Sunday Oct 4, 2015, AM Session Overview

After watching this morning’s session, I was confirmed that some things can only be seen with eyes that have been opened. Adam, when he was asleep in the garden, was commanded by the voice of God to, “Awake and arise.” That requires that he first open his eyes. But, like every parent knows, eyes being opened doesn’t necessarily mean awake.

To be awake also requires cognitive awareness of the surroundings. In the parable, the good samaritan took the traveler to the inn, and commissioned the inn keeper to restore the traveler (to awaken him, and help him to arise). Once the traveler awoke, and was assisted to arise, he could now stand on a solid foundation, awaiting the samaritan’s return to him (Christ in the flesh). Those who are awake, and have risen to the call of God’s voice, can see from a different vantage point, apart from those still asleep in a matrix.

Having said that, my review of this morning’s session is a bit frustrating, with some glimmers of light. Rather than following the order of the speakers, I’ll begin with the most frustrating.

Elder Eyring: He quoted the sacrament prayer, and substituted the blessing at the end, calling it the Holy Ghost. Anyone who knows how to read the english language can read that text, and connect the identity of the spirit promised, with the covenants received to qualify for it:

  • O God… (whom we are addressing)
  • Willing to take upon us the name of thy SON (God’s Son- Christ)
  • Always remember HIM (Christ)
  • And keep HIS (Christ) commandments which HE (Christ) has given them
  • That they may always have HIS (Christ’s, not he Holy Ghost) spirit to be with them

That is not referencing the Holy Ghost, it is referencing the spirit of Jesus Christ Himself. As Christ’s spirit remains with you, all He need do is step out from behind the veil, to appear to you in the flesh. That is the purpose of the Sacrament, to obtain the presence of Christ in the flesh. But, lately, the movement of the leadership is away from personal visitations of Christ, and toward trusting the leaders of the Old Ship Zion. I’ve said it here before, but the church has changed the footnotes of John 14:16a to reflect this doctrine, in opposition to Joseph Smith initiating it.

He continued to ignore the words written, when he spoke of qualifying for the Holy Ghost. He said that Alma taught us to plant faith like a little seed. Alma never said that. It was the words of Christ likened unto the seed, that must be planted.

But, who will see what I’m talking about? Only those in whom the scriptures actually matter. What everyone else will hear is me going apostate for pointing these things out. They will compare the frustration they witness in my words, with the feel good stories about Eyring’s father praying to find a sacrament meeting in Australia, his comfort about his wife being received by his mother in heaven, and his father’s gratitude to the angelic nurses. Emotions have a stronger effect on the mind than do the facts that are never read. So I will take heat for this, but only because I’ve read the scriptures for myself. Oh well.

As I said initially, that some things can only be seen with eyes that have been opened. To open your eyes, you must hear the voice of God, and that begins with the study of the words of Christ already trying to speak to you from the dust (both because they were buried and brought out of obscurity from Joseph, and because they are buried still, under all the more important things that we must do to maintain the lifestyle we want to maintain).

The New Apostles and other speakers: I don’t have much to say about the new apostle’s words of counsel, since most of the time it felt like an academy awards ceremony, thanking everyone they have ever come into contact with, and identifying where they were watching their inauguration speech from. Elder Neilson spoke to a restless audience of women, who want a piece of the priesthood. And he strategically stated that they need to “stand up and stand out,” and here’s the catch, “in your ward and stake councils.”

Now, I’m not an advocate for “the ordained women” (I’ve not considered their argument), but I don’t think that will settle the brethren’s difficulties that they face with them. Essentially, the women want more of a presence in the executive council (which they’ve recently received). But the brethren are clearly trying to avoid more of the same, by having the sisters speak up and speak out in their local wards and stakes. They also handled the oppositions, in the sustaining votes, the same. They instructed those who opposed, to take it up with their stake presidencies. If you ask me, anyone dumb enough to follow through with that, is just asking for excommunication. But, hey, …I think that some are looking for just that. Not me!

I was surprised to hear Neilson bragging about his pioneering efforts as a cardiologist, and how he repeatedly reminds us, over and over again, how he saved President Kimball’s life, …but that’s his prerogative. However, I couldn’t understand how the new cardiologist Apostle, Renlund, could claim that he is one of the weak & simple, and that he wasn’t called because of what he did. I have a hard time seeing that, especially when in my experience, it is those who have lots of money who are the ones called, disregarding the condition of their heart (how’s that for “cardiologist” contradiction).

President Monson: He doesn’t look good at all. The whole time I watched him speak, he seemed very impersonal, …reading from prompter to prompter. Even at the end of his testimony, he struggled a bit to read his testimony from the prompter. The context of the message seemed very Monson, but something’s wrong there, health wise, and it’s not just because he’s 88 years old. I spoke to grandma last night and she seemed to be having a blast on her 93rd birthday. She was still listening to everyone singing outside at ten at night, when I called (well beyond her concrete bed time of 8pm). Speaking with her, I am not speaking to someone reading a teleprompter.

Anyway, something that I really liked from his talk was his definition of faith. You rarely hear faith being described this way, and I love it. He said that faith is trusting the Lord and His WORD. It is His word that must guide our actions. This faith is to influence all we do, so that we are anchored in Christ. So, he counseled us, to Read & Study & Ponder the Scriptures. He concluded that segment by saying, “Search diligently, pray always, and be believing.”

Conclusion: I end as I began, by stating that only when eyes are open, can we discern what is being offered. To the blind man, everything is dark. In a circle of blind people, the man with one-eye is king. But seeing clearly can only be done when you hear the voice of God, in the words of Christ, and heed his command to, “Awake and Arise.”



2 thoughts on “Sunday Oct 4, 2015, AM Session Overview

  1. Hey little brother,
    Yup…you’re right, apostate was first on my mind…LOL!
    I’m glad you have this where you voice your opinion and we get to read what you’re thinking.
    I see Pres. Monson being different from Grama, being weighed down differently for different reasons. You can’t just lump old people to measure up to grama cuz she’s the bomb dot com!
    John always said that we are at different peaks in our lives where we see things different than a year ago. Situations that we are put in opens a different sense, a new understanding needs to be sought, learning to trust or doubt is a hard choice that we don’t see until we’ve overcome it. When we don’t trust Got, we will never see that our decision was an unbelieving one although we might feel ours is the best decision.
    I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday’s session…I actually listened! Probably because I was awake,hahaha. I learned from those that spoke, I guess my ears are different or in your case my understanding is different, I’m looking with different eyes than you are. I wrote thing that perked my mind and it wasn’t the feel good stories cuz you know me, I don’t feel very well. I think our desire at that time we are watching leads us to how we perceive what the speakers are saying and how it affects what we are going through. It’s just my thought! Take it or Leave it!!!!! LOVE YOU

    • Sig,

      Your insight comes as “fresh air” to me. You aren’t the touchy-feely type, …unless the touch is a slap, …and, let me tell you, you can really “feely” it! You are honest about what you know, and what you don’t. Many aren’t honest that way, and think they know much more than they really do. We call it “pride.” And your honesty produces a position where you are not offended by the possibility that you could be wrong. For that reason, you will consider what is being said, and reflect upon what you know. If what is said doesn’t make sense compared to what you know, then “No problem, I’m just not there yet.” Like you and John said, “Everybody is at different peaks in their lives.” But, when you have accumulated enough experience with God and His counsel in the scriptures, and someone says something that doesn’t jive with the principles, or goes completely against what you “know” to be true, you aren’t one to nod your head, and follow the crowd. You will stand your ground come hell or high water! I am the same. It’s kind of like we’re related or something!

      The only intention of this blog was to promote “more scripture study” among my family. Then, having accumulated hours, weeks, months, years and decades in the scriptures, I hoped that we would have sufficient “experience” with the words of Christ such that when someone claims to have a message, or to be a true messenger, we could easily know if they are, …or if they are full of crap! Because I have put in decades of serious study, I have been put into a category of weird gospel stuff, in your (the families) minds. The ideas of tithing, and seeing Christ in the flesh, have made me stick out like a sore thumb. And while, most of you guys think that I’m trying to get you to believe like me, I am not. My only objective is to convince you that investing your excess time (outside of staying alive) in the scriptures is the best expression of putting your trust in God. So if there was anything that I would want you all to get from me, it would be to study the words of Christ soooo much that you naturally begin to ask questions about what the scriptures are really trying to teach.

      The scriptures are not a collection of multiple lessons. It’s all one lesson. But, when we have little experience with it, we break it up and choose the part we like, rejecting the rest. Only when sufficient time is spent tying it all together, then you can see it’s all just one lesson! Just like a general contractor, we have to see beyond the individual trades, to accomplish the completed project, as it was planned. The contractor must have one foot in the current, and the other foot ahead of everyone else in the vision of the completed project. The scriptures is not for the tradesman. It is for the contractors! But, you and I know that there are contractors who are clueless when it comes to the big picture. Likewise, there are leaders who fill a leadership seat ignorantly, failing to see the big picture, stepping on people to get ahead.

      I say, commit to a serious effort in the scriptures. Seek to see the completed plan laid out there. Familiarize yourself with the parts that make up the completed plan. And then fire the sub-contractors trying to suck you dry of your resources and stop your progress to completing your job as a contractor.

      Love you Sis!

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