Approaching the Jaredites (500 words Short)

I’ve been studying the book of Ether from an ancient religious point of view, and there is more to that book than we read over. What makes the difference is the context of the origins of the Jaredites. With a little light on the subject perhaps you too might gain some valuable insights.

Ancient Patterns: The time period and origin of Jared and his brother is the same as Abraham, and that matters because through the many records of Abraham, we can draw the conclusion of the ancient atmosphere of the time. This is a time of many cataclysmic storms, and hundreds of towers built similar to the tower of Babel. And since Abraham’s religious beliefs were closely aligned with that of an Egyptian type, we can see the Egyptian symbols within the record of the Jaredite people as well. Why does it all matter? To establish a baseline context.

If I were to talk to you of cool, moist, white stuff, If you were living in Haleiwa, you might be thinking in terms of Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice. But, if you were an Alaskan resident, you’d be certain I was talking about snow. Both assumptions would be right if you didn’t know my context. But, if I were to tell you that I was from Haleiwa, then you would be certain I was talking about Shaved Ice. Context matters to those who care to know the intention of the author of the scripture.

Nephi addresses this issue by giving us insight to understanding Isaiah’s writings. Nephi calls it plain, but to us strangers of the context of Abraham, it is the most difficult writing to understand. But, as Nephi was familiar with the Jews moving in to apostasy, Nephi could see Isaiah’s counsel clearly. Those of us who want to understand Isaiah, we’ll need to somehow learn the context of Isaiah to receive the message he has to offer. This is the labor that we are required to perform in order to authenticate a messenger of God. And that’s no small undertaking.

Patterns Unveil: Knowing the patterns in the scriptures will unveil hidden meaning intended to restore you to the communication from heaven. When angels came to Joseph Smith, they spoke in terms of scriptures. Nephi also advises us that once we have entered in by the way, we too could speak with the tongue of angels. Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost, wherefore they speak the words of Christ.

In the Book of Ether, some key points I found revealing was the value of Kings. Kings, in the time of Abraham, were anointed as divine. To be anointed was to be connected to the heavens. So they were literally called by God’s voice and anointed by Christ himself. But when Kings seek success through controlling other men, rather than an anointing, they do so by: 1. Secrecy, 2. Organization into a corporation format, and 3. Reducing Moral compass to allow harming people as a justification. The final result of control was war.

However, those who were truly anointed followed a different tradition. They hid themselves and recorded the events (Ether). Others were taken out before facing the contender. And the wicked were left as a pile of bones. These patterns are the same in the world of Nimrod, and can be recognized in the Americas as well. Noticing such patterns offer symbolic associations with our world, as we find ourselves wanting when it comes to an anointed line of patriarchs.

Conclusion: The book of Ether rocks.


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