New LDS Policy for Same-Sex (1000 words Med)

There’s a new policy release from the church regarding same-sex relationships in church. Simply put, if you are in a same-sex relationship, you are an apostate. But the twist is the follow up policy for children reared in a same-sex partnership home. Children in that household are not permitted to have babies blessed, or any other membership privileges either, until they are 18 years old, and can leave that situation, or by the approval of the first presidency. I have mixed feelings concerning this move.

The following letter was a response to someone in my Samoan ward, who wanted to know what I thought. It’s nice to know that someone cares what I think. So I told him:

I don’t think that the church, …as a collective people, have what it takes to stand against the governmental powers that be, …for very long. The split minds concerning same-sex relations is already 70% to 26%. While that statistic shows members who are pro-same-sex as the lower statistic, the permission for their children to wait until 18 will produce a much higher statistic against the church’s decision.
But don’t be fooled to think that this wasn’t intentional. In the art of negotiation the first extreme move must be countered by another extreme move to the opposite direction. Both parties know that moving to extremities will create initial waves among both the liberalist and the conservative organizations. The church is simply introducing concessional capital (trade value), to appease the saints. Today, the age is 18, tomorrow an acceptation will be made for 12, and months later it’ll be back to 8. And the final result will be what the church wanted, to strategically make a same-sex ruling, and to tactfully switch the focus to the children. However, it won’t work out.
This will gain so much social media attention, that the church will be forced to either accept same-sex or loose their non-profit status. A non-profit loss would generate such a huge tax footprint for the church (the cost measured in millions of dollars in physical assets), that such a loss would force the leadership to consider a value-change, thus maintaining financial control. This happened before, and it is not new to us today.
This is the polygamy scene of the late 1800’s all over again. Statehood was what the government held over the church’s head, at the time of statehood. The federal government refused to recognize Utah as it’s own state because of polygamy. So Brigham Young, trying to play the legal card, …chose to write a policy stating that polygamy was “our religion” and must qualify as a religious right. This was “a legal play,” introduced by Brigham Young, to acquire statehood, without letting go of polygamy. But it failed, as the federal government did not budge on the matter. Wilfred Woodruff and Lorenzo Snow faced the task of abolishing polygamy within the church. All their efforts produced, was to paint a target on mormonism as polygamists, when polygamy was considered an abomination to the Lord.
We are facing times where Mormons must make choices. This is harvest season. Determining wether we are wheat or tares will be based on our choice …AND how we are able to stick to that choice (in other words stay the course). The position of the church on same-sex as apostasy is commendable, but the test of their staying power, amidst the powers that be, is yet to be seen. The key to staying power is not youth programs, home teaching reports, PEC meetings, meeting agendas, officers, buildings, and lesson manuals (we are chalk full of those). So what is staying power, confidence, and enduring to the end through all trials?
The key to staying power, confidence, and enduring to the end is knowing Christ. It is knowing Angels. It is knowing the doctrine. It is maintaining our ordinances unchanged. We are not ready for such a move as a church membership. The saints will not be able to have much staying power because we have changed the ordinances, we don’t know the doctrine, we don’t know angels, and we don’t know Christ. How can we claim a master in whom we haven’t served?
That is why all of my messages to my family in Hawaii, to Lehi 42nd, to the friends I talk to, is to search the words of Christ to let it tell you all things what you should do (2 Nephi 32:3-4). By small and simple means great things shall come to pass. Such a small thing, like the words of Christ, can bring about great power. But since it seems to be such a small thing, it has gone unnoticed and undeveloped by the general body of the saints. Our condition in the church today is the same as the time of Moses, where they wouldn’t simply look at the bronze serpent and be healed. To us that story seems so silly, but today we will witness the same allegory in effect, and we too will refuse to look (at the words of Christ) and be healed.
That’s my take. That’s my driving force in church every Sunday. That’s the only work that can produce a change, even more powerful than the sword.
Mahalo for the update,

Conclusion: The mark that keeps getting missed is Christ’s mark. When you are made Christ’s, He alone puts His mark on your forehead. When that happens, you are promised to have Him with you at all times, as the second comforter (not the Holy Ghost). Something so simple as the sacrament prayer hides these sacred truths in plain sight. The only way to see clearly, is to have your eyes opened by the serious study of the words of Christ.

Church will not continue to be a safe place to openly discuss opinions under fire. It isn’t a safe place to even discuss scriptures or seeing Christ in the flesh. But, the political arm of the ruling government is forcing the opinions of the unstudied membership against the hand of church officers and other members. Innocent, good hearted people will get caught in the crossfire.

Choose wisely in whom you will place your trust. Satan always abandons his programs.



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