Two Models: Scarcity and Abundance (800 Words Med)

There are only Two Models in this World: Scarcity and Abundance. This is the doctrine of the two ways: God’s way, and anything and everything else. In our state of blindness, where light has not yet been allowed (by us) to penetrate the scales of darkness covering our eyes, we see through a glass darkly and Scarcity is the model we choose to sustain. However, when we finally allow the light to soften our hearts, to remove the scales of darkness from our eyes, perhaps Abundance will be the model we choose to subscribe to instead.

Scarcity Model: The model of scarcity is a model of institutionalism. Institutionalism is often assumed to represent order in a world of chaos (government, corporations, charitable organizations, etc.), but it is actually the very source of the chaos that maintains disorder in the world. It celebrates “one above the next,” where men dig a pit for their neighbors, in order for them to get ahead. It redefines contention into competition, and justifies sin, here a little and there a little. Rather than reconciling ourselves with God, we have redefined God, to reconcile to our sins. Thus we read:

D&C 1:16

“16. They seek not the Lord to establish his righteousness, but every man walketh in his own way, and after the image of his own god, whose image is in the likeness of the world, and whose substance is that of an idol, which waxeth old and shall perish in Babylon, even Babylon the great, which shall fall.”

Institutions come in many shapes and sizes. Institutions get complex, such as government, business, and religious institutions. The United States was founded upon such institutions. It has expanded into institutions of academia, financial, medical, and technical institutions, to further promote a scarcity mentality. In my opinion, this is what was referred to as The Large and Spacious Building, in Lehi and Nephi’s dream.

Their solutions teach that you need an education, to get a good job. With a good job, you can make more money, and afford greater debt, and live a certain expected lifestyle, depicted in the media. Along your climb up the corporate ladder, people fall all the time, making healthcare, accident, and mortgage insurance institutions necessary. Given the life expectancy and a person’s ability to do work is limited to a certain age (depending on the work), retirement institutions also become necessary. And failure to live within the regulations of government institutions of law will get you into a prison institution.

We have been thoroughly institutionalized. Break away from mindsets of institution and you will be mocked. Even within our religious institution, we have manuals for everything, that people don’t take the initiative to think for themselves. Any movement towards improvement, growth, and greater blessings from heaven, is mocked just the same. Church members don’t realize that their concept of the “true church” makes them a part of the large and spacious building too.

The Abundance Model: The model of Abundance is a foreign concept to us, but it rely’s upon Christ as it’s center. It was only after men came into the presence of Christ that they are told to go out, without purse or script, and preach the word, and the Lord will take care of your physical needs. Zion is provided for by God. There are no poor among them. There emphasis, first and foremost, is not their institution. Instead, it is their relationship with God.

The solution of the Abundant is seeking further light and knowledge by conversing with the Lord through the veil. These become so familiar with light, that the things of the world become of little value, such that exchange is simple and men are detached from the things of the world. Their focus is on light. They seek a body of light. They hunger and thirst after righteousness. The world fits around their pursuit of light, rather than the other way around. These partake of the fruit, and live in the tree of life.

Conclusion: Financial institutions have occupied our lives, through a debt and consumer mentality, such that we spend so little time seeking the treasures in the heavens. We are too busy living as slaves to the things of the world, that the treasures in the heavens become tarnished, covered in dust, forgotten, buried, and hidden from sight. But just because it has been hidden, buried, forgotten, dusted, and tarnished, that treasure cannot lose value. All that’s required is for us to rediscover it once again.

As we come back to that treasure, the rewards are:

  1. The Kingdom of Heaven
  2. They’ll be Comforted
  3. Inherit the Earth
  4. Filled with the Holy Ghost
  5. Obtain Mercy
  6. See God
  7. Children of God

In our state of blindness, in the condition of scarcity we find ourselves, the rewards of heaven seem hidden, buried, forgotten, dusted, and tarnished. But once you do the work required of treasure hunters, what seemed to be a pile of dirt potentially can become a source of light to carry you, for you to ascend, into the presence of God.


2 thoughts on “Two Models: Scarcity and Abundance (800 Words Med)

  1. I’ve thought a lot about this scarcity vs. abundance. We are raised in a mindset of scarcity from birth, and “keeping up with the Joneses” reinforces that mentality. We need to get rid of it.

    Out here, on the Siksika reservation, the people are held captive by scarcity. There is so little wealth, a person needs to jealously hold on to what they have, otherwise it’ll be taken away. I think Canada is content in keeping the people in this state. It causes an environment of jealousy and contention, and so long as the people remain in that state, they can really pose no serious threat by uniting to accomplish anything of worth.

    The great majority of our possessions and food that we eat are worthless. We live in a society of excess defined as scarcity. In this respect, I think our ancestors were better off. They weren’t bombarded all the day long with advertisements and temptations to the extent we are today. We need to get to that point of the rich man who Jesus instructed to sell everything and give to the poor. Before we obtain any lasting degree of riches, I think we’ll have to go through a period of poverty. We need to let go of the things of this world and lose our appetite for richness. Then, the littlest crumb from the table becomes a nugget of gold, and how thankful we are to God for it.

    • I agree that we need to get to the place where we can sell all things, give it to the poor, and follow Christ. But, the rich man couldn’t do it, and went away sad, because he had not obtained enough light to transition his dependency to. When discussing the process of abundance, the main component is to rely wholly upon light. Light has the power to produce all the needs that we have.

      In 3 Nephi 13, the Lord teaches the the disciples to pray the Lord’s prayer, to fast properly, to place their hearts upon the treasures in heaven, to have their eye single to the glory of God. But then he concludes that they go out not worrying about what to eat, drink, or wear. The Lord tells those who are tied into abundance or light that the life is more than the meat, meaning the spirit that animates the flesh is more important than the flesh. He continues by stating that the body is more important than the clothing (rament), pointing to the same principle that it’s the thing inside the clothes that animates the clothes. So, I gather that the abundance mentality is to focus on the things of light that change a person from within ought to be the emphasis. Because the scarcity mentality is exactly the opposite, trying to fix the clothing (rament) in order to manipulate the body, or to manipulate the meat (flesh) to fix the life within.

      A inside out approach is far more lasting. But everyone seems to be conditioned, like you said, by an outside in approach, that we cannot find much peace. But, the federal government institutions have manufactured this result intentionally. This cultural genocide was planned by Satan, for the thorough scattering of Israel. The results are “scrapping for scraps.” The only defense against this condition of “externalities” is to grow the “internalities.” And how is that done? Through the doctrine. We have been hollowed out from the inside, that the only thing that’s mormon is our outfit, our uniform, our shirts and ties and long dresses. It’s about time we put the emphasis back where it was meant to be, on the doctrine, on the light, on the abundance.

      While we might agree on the problem of scarcity, our plan of attack must be focused and must emphasize abundance, through the acquiring and distribution of light. This requires a Christ-like disposition on both parts of acquiring and distributing light. I love this line of conversation with you my brother. This is refreshing, when compared to the frustrations of talking about anything else but the external when I go to church on Sundays.

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