The Government in Heaven (700 words Med)

Many speculate that the government in heaven will be made of a return to the constitution, restoring power to America, like at the founding of America. Some say that Zion will be more church callings and hierarchy of “follow the prophet.” Others explain heaven’s government as paradise, where we exist in an eternal vacation. But no one likes the idea that God is unchanging. The Government in Heaven is a Council. 

Institution: A hierarchy is a system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other, according to status and authority. Joseph Smith wrote that the whole world leith in sin because of one being held above another (D&C 49:20). Hierarchy is the product of an institution, where people are held, one above the next. In the condition of an institution, equality takes on an entirely different idea, meaning “the same.” And rules and regulations must be set in place, to define every little thing.

Laws are not made for the righteous. You can’t regulate an honest man, …because honest men regulate themselves. Laws are made to protect the wicked. The multiplying of many laws is a direct indication of a wicked people. The Jews added to Moses’ commandments, and multiplied more laws. In America, one-hundred thousand pages of new law is added every year. Apostasy is fast-tracked when people must be commanded in all things. The need for an institution, a hierarchy, and a salvation based on being commanded in all things (laws), is NOT the Government of Heaven.

Councils: In the beginning was a council in heaven. All were equal, because their input was valued. All participants agreed to come here and participate in this plan. People were asked to perform certain tasks according to their skill development in lives before. The vision was clear, and there was no compulsion.

In a council, there may be some of higher skill and some of lower skill qualifications, but all held equal value, therefore all had equal say in the matter. The plan would not go forth until it was unanimous. Those with more light and power did not use it to monopolize and trick others into submission. The glory was God’s. The purpose was to be like God. Heaven was the only treasure there.

Our Councils: In our church institution we call our meetings councils, but it isn’t the same as the heavens, because of the hierarchy. We think that a hierarchy is necessary to maintain order. We put off our personal accountability, and place it in an officer. Then we wait for them to make laws to busy the people with meaningless work. It is the transformation of America, and the transformation of Mormonism.

A proper council would require that all have equal value. Everyone could speak freely, and would be understood completely by all members of the council. Those of higher skill would not use it as an advantage, to manipulate others, removing equality. Rather, they would elevate the entire council by teaching them, so that all would be edified of all. Those of a lesser skill would not be embarrassed, and would seek to be improved, realizing that whom God loves, God chastens. This council can only be united based upon the words of Christ. Where is this council?

Conclusion: Zion requires the return of this council. Being ONE makes us belong to God (if ye are not ONE, ye are not mine). But being ONE, doesn’t mean being RIGHT. We have been focused too long on “being right,” that we have forfeited the ability of being ONE. And our councils have disappeared, along with our equality and our knowledge of God.

Since we are not God’s, because we are not ONE, …our push for “being right” has been the source of our contention. We use recruiting techniques, to use popular opinion, to manipulate perception and results. We have no influence on one another, because there is no trust, or love. Everyone wants to be understood, without understanding one another. We have moved from a council in heaven, to a corrupted institution on earth.

The government of heaven is still a council. If we are to return to that council, it will require a return to value the treasures in the heavens, and a release from the treasures on earth. As we come together concerning the heavens, releasing the things on earth will be easy, and Zion can be built.


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