All Must Judge… (1000 words Med)

Although we All Must Judge, “…Judge Righteously” is the only disclaimer. For, how you judge, so shall you be judged. We must seek more knowledge about judgement, so that we might learn to “Judge Righteously.” This requires a serious study of the words of Christ. Those who fail to take the words of Christ seriously, will find themselves judging unrighteously, and making false accusations.

Judge Righteously: Many have repeated the false tradition that it is unrighteous to judge. How can Mormon’s ever believe such a foolish tradition, when, at the foundation of our gospel is “The War in Heaven,” preserving the right to judge? Satan’s plan, to remove agency, is echoing the false tradition, convincing us that it is unrighteous to judge. If Satan tried and failed to win the war in heaven, why do we think he would give up on earth. People who subscribe to this idea of abusing authority to “Regulate Judgement,” are supporters of the plan of the enemy.

Christ valued agency, and atoned, so that all men might use their agency, and return to Him. Knowing that men had agency, Christ provided scripture so that men might “Judge Righteously.” Those who seek the words of Christ can recognize truth, to judge a matter clearly. However, those who do not receive it, cannot judge the matter clearly, and are left to false accusations.

Judge vs. Accuse: If serious scripture study is required to judge righteously, and failing to seriously study, hinders your judgement, then you must discern, “What’s the difference between Judging and Accusing? In our ignorance, we typically lump terms, and are unable to make the distinction between judging and accusing.

“Judging” deals with observing external circumstances and making a decision. But, “accusing” is damning an individual, placing a final judgment. Christ atoned for all, that those who desire to change (repent), have room to make the changes, …and then they can exercise better “judgement.”

The words Satan (Hbrw) and Diabalos (Gk) both mean the same thing, “accuser.” Satan is the accuser. He uses deception to distract, entertainment to occupy, and ignorance to accuse. He hates the hearts of men, and is the enemy of Christ.

Only one person has the power to know a man’s heart, and issue a final judgement, and that is Christ. Christ atoned for men. He is the only one with the power to accuse. But even Christ postpones accusation, easily and quickly forgiving. Consider what he said to the woman at the well:

John 8:10

“10. When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee?

11. She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.”

In the final battle of good and evil, Christ will make a final judgement. And it will be against one person and his followers, Satan. Sin categorize people with Satan. Therefore sin can be easily forgiven. But, Satan is trying to destroy the plan of salvation. Thus, they will be cast out into the well of souls, to be reduced back to their lowest form, unorganized, and without influence, in outer darkness, to be left all alone.

Only Christ has the power to cast out Satan, because Christ “knows” him. The process of atonement gives Christ the right of final judgement. So, for you and me, we must judge, but must not accuse.

Seek Knowledge: People can change! After all, that’s why we have repentance. Therefore, a serious study of the words of Christ, in combination with charity (the pure love of Christ), will be necessary to develop the skill of “Judging Righteously.” We must seek more and more knowledge to judge more and more righteously. Eventually, we may be able to judge as we want to be judged.

Those who ignore the words of Christ, will gradually be left to innovate, manipulate, and compensate for their failure. They will accuse in their ignorance. They will require more and more regulations, manuals, and laws of men, to make their choices for them. This will be a people ripened in iniquity, and justified in their warring against one another. Wars and rumors of wars, is directly tied to the 184 year old condemnation (D&C 84:55), which has transitioned our people into accusers, because we cannot learn to Judge Righteously. And we now preach a false doctrine that “we must never judge.” Ignorance is hated, and abolished, by those seeking knowledge.

Conclusion: The church will not reverse their condemnation (D&C 84:55). They cast the writings of ascended prophets aside, and consider them as naught, and Nephi’s worst fears are realized among us (2 Nephi 33:2). But, that doesn’t need to be our families fate. The dictates of men, the wrong accusations, the unrighteous judgements, all fade away and become powerless against a people who know Christ.

The world’s situation is getting unbearable. A (40) hour week has become insufficient to survive. Couples tag team, working upwards to (80) hour weeks, and convince themselves that they are ahead of the game. Insurances are forced upon us, costing over $500 per month, with deductibles that no one can afford. Taxes are increasing, and poverty and unemployment is too. Never has there been a time when developing the gifts of the spirit has been so necessary. But, when the time for those gifts arrives, the time for preparation is long gone. And none will be qualified to receive those gifts.

Feast upon the words of Christ now. Now is the time for our preparations.The separation of the wheat from the tares is upon us. The force that produces the separation, is not sin, it’s light. Those who have failed to receive the light, offered in the words of Christ, by reversing the condemnation, will not be able to receive further light and knowledge, and will be separated out with the tares. They’ll be unable to bear the greater light coming. Feast upon the words of Christ. They’ll tell you all things what you should do.


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