VLOG- Video Log (100 words Mickey Mouse Small Kine Short)

This blog has two points: The upcoming VLOG and my secondary blog “Emythtified.”

Point #1: This is an announcement that I am in the process of construction a VLOG, where I record a weekly post, about ten minutes long, based on a gospel subject. My experience with this blog has taught me what controversial topics not to address: follow the prophet, tithing, and the current conditions of apostasy. So the VLOG will have none of that. Considering that, there is still lots that I can address on video, so that the scriptures can become more personal, and have primacy in our lives.

Is there any other topic that you would request that I not discuss? Please respond.

Point #2: I have recently been posting a financial blog called “Emythtified.” It is focused on connecting the gospel with our earthly reality, whereas, this site is solely for the spiritual. However, I’m not sure if all of you getting this blog are also receiving the financial one as well (sorry, not so tech savvy). Can you please indicate if you are receiving both?

Mahalo, and Mele kalikimaka.



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