Times and Seasons Speak Volumes (400 words Small Kine)

We have much to learn in our disconnected state from the heavens, of the times and the seasons, that speak volumes.

Times and Seasons: Observing the combat between Light and Dark, over the year, presents the entirety of the plan of salvation. Anciently, the new year began in birth, in water (rainy season in Hawaii), in a renewal, and an awakening, …in the Spring. The spring equinox (Mar. 21) marks equal light and dark, as the light begins to triumph over dark (opposite the Fall).

Light increases until it peaks, with the day of greatest light in the summer. Summer solstice (Jun. 21) marks the peak of light, and the point of darkness growing, to overcome the light (opposite the Winter).

Fall is the time of the harvested, the rewards of the light in Spring and Summer, where fruits are greatest. Fall equinox (Sept.21) marks equal light and dark, just before the dark overpowers the light.

Winter is barrenness, the desert, where less and less light is available, and people must live off of their reserves from the Fall harvest to survive the winter. The winter solstice (Dec. 21) marks the return of light. Anciently, this is a point of solemn sacredness, a complete dependence upon God, and God’s response, with the return of light. And the year begins again with a resurrection of light, the re-birth of Spring.

Conclusion: How is it possible to claim the fulness of truth, the knowledge of the grand plan of salvation, and yet be so disconnected to the heavens? The Lord repeats his open invitation, that his arms are outstretched, he beckons for his sheep to come to him, and he gathers as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings. And the Lord observes the problem, saying, “…ye would not.” 

We have sufficient for our needs, but since our hearts are set so much upon the things of this world and we aspire to the honors of me, we squander our excess for that which cannot satisfy.

The Lord advises us to, “…return unto me, and I will return unto you.” His suggestion for our return, wether we are leadership or not, is through tithes and offerings. If we will see what he has given us in the words of Christ, we will see how it is that we can return, despite the actions of a herd-mentality institution. And as we return to him, he will return to us, and we will once again reconnect with the heavens, to receive the volumes of instructions given in the heavens. The plan of salvation is COSMIC!


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