Conversation Instead of Compromise (543 words short)

We live in a world of conflict. Since contention is of the devil, and is also self-destructive, we are required to make choices to prevent it, avoid it, or eliminate it altogether. Compromise is the world’s solution to prevent or avoid contention (BTW: it never eliminates it). In a compromise at least one side, if not both sides, must give up or surrender to the other, in order to move forward. While compromise might put-off contention for a short time, it’s only a short-term solution of sweeping things under the rug. Compromise is not a solution, but a temporary relief.

Conversation is the work required to discover the proper order of heaven, in order to eliminate contention. Since we are all within the veil, God gave us scripture to teach the order of heaven. As we follow that prescription, we would meet together oft to work through and understand the words of Christ ourselves. When we are doing as God prescribed, we will know it, because it ought to produce on earth exactly what is done in heaven (literally).

However, just like the people of King Noah at the time of Abinadi, we too are caught up in sin, and our time is occupied in our bondage to our Lamanite captors, such that we have no room for long-term, working, conversations on the words of Christ. This condition has gradually taken us over, and it almost feels like it’s natural, acceptable, common, and non-threatening. This is the result of compromise.

Amon was sent by King Mosiah to find the people of Zeniff (Mosiah 7). When he finds them, Zeniff is dead, his son (King Noah) was burned by the people, and Limhi (King Noah’s son) is the new King, in bondage to the Lamanites. The have tried and failed to fight their way out of bondage, producing nothing but death. The people are forced to continue to provide for their needs, while paying one-half of everything to the Lamanites. They are finally awakened to their awful situation, and spend every spare moment seeking an escape from their bondage.

Mosiah 21:36

“36. And now all the study of Amon and his people, and King Limhi and his people, was to deliver themselves out of the hands of the Lamanites and from bondage.”

When we choose to wake-up to our awful situation, to realize that Limhi’s condition is not very different from our own, that is when the work of conversations will become important to us. If we never wake-up, the conversation-work will never happen. And our complacency will be the our destruction.

Conclusion: Complacency and compromise are very closely related words. Complacency comes from Latin, meaning satisfaction, pleasure, or to be pleased. when we are complacent, we seek to be pleased. Compromise also comes from Latin, meaning to make a mutual promise, or an agreement of a future result. Compromise is the foundation of secret combinations.

Only a people who are pleased with themselves, refuse to seek change (repentance). And they make promises, laws, and secret combinations, to maintain their level of pleasure. Thus, a people who are complacent, and make compromises, are ripened for destruction.

Those who are awake and recognize their awful situation will seek to talk, rejoice, preach, and prophesy of Christ. Lets talk!


4 thoughts on “Conversation Instead of Compromise (543 words short)

  1. So this past week we experienced Zion. Not much conversation about Christ or anything else, but just work. There was a need to completely renovate the exterior and interior to the old Honomu house for an appraisal that was going to happen in 6 days. We met as a family on Sunday night. On Monday, while the tenants were still in the house, Kaena went up and saw an opportunity to make the shed look more decent so he, Kaua, and Rick took to the roof of the shed and cleaned the area around it, etc. On Tuesday, Kaena, Kaua and Rick showed up (tenants still there) and cleaned the yard and continued working on the shed. By Wednesday the tenants said they would be out so Lew and Kaena and Dad and Kaua came in while the last of the tenants’ belongings were being removed and they started cutting out all the windows. The younger bunch went to the task of loading the truck with the debri from the demoing of the windows and cabinets, etc. The young guys drove the trucks to the dump with the youth on the back for unloading. The women set up the tent and brought in the food each day for each meal and the little ones picked up what they could to make another pile for the next dump. From Wednesday night to the following Monday night (5 days) Everyone worked, doing their best at helping the project move along. John and Kui were on board as well and Tom brought with him his expertise. A literal transformation occurred before our very eyes. On Monday night we walked away with brand new bamboo flooring throughout, ceramic tile bathroom and kitchen floors, brand new cabinets, granite counter tops, new kitchen sink, new porch and stairs including a ramp and completely painted interior and exterior as well as all brand new windows installed. The little ones all pressed the caulking into the nails on the siding and even grabbed a bunch of paint brushes and painted. It was awesome.

    Lew’s comment at the end of it all: “That’s what I love about this family, no matter what you bring to the work force, nobody is measuring or comparing about who did more than the next guy. We just work with whatever skills we have and accomplish our goal.”

    I believe we experienced Zion in this endeavor.

    • The more I hear of what you you and dad do, the more I’m convinced of your natural tendency to unite a people into Zion. The labor you described was not a description of one event. It was the description of my childhood, my brothers and sisters childhoods, and it was the description what we seek for our children to experience as well. So, you won’t be able to convince me that some project (or endeavor) was Zion, …BUT I will confess that “HOW” you go about all you’ve done, is a clear indicator of your familiarity with ZION!

      The words are necessary though! But, that can be taught. Hearts, on the other hand, is much harder to change. We are lucky to be here, with people who have golden hearts, like you and dad! The people you described are the people I desire to be one with!


  2. With any type of prescription there are 3 important things. #1: Type of medication. If the condition is not identified properly, it cannot be given the correct type of medication required to treat the symptoms. Giving the incorrect type of medication, say anti nausea vs anti insomnia, can cause more harm than good and can even make symptoms or conditions worse. #2: Directions or what’s known in the medical field as SIG. How often to take said medication, with or without food, and any interactions with other medications. If these instructions are not followed correctly, can lead to overdose or even death. My mom once took meds that interacted with each other and ended up in the ER. It’s so important to follow the instructions printed on the label or given to you by your doctor/prescriber. Which leads me to #3: Signing physician. Who is giving you your prescription? Are they legit? Is their liscens up to date?

    So here’s what I get from your blog:
    Identify your sin, REPENT, and feast upon the words of Christ, who is our Savior and redeemer!

    I know I already commented on your last blog, but I just had to when you wanna talk about prescriptions! 😁

    • Wow, I didn’t know that about prescriptions. That’s really insightful. While what you thought the blog was about is good and right, I don’t think that was the point. Sorry I wasn’t clear enough.

      What I was saying is that there are people all over Utah trying to come together to build Zion. But, when the congregate, they notice that there is disagreement upon the finer points of doctrine. So, rather than conversations, aimed at discovering God’s intention, God’s will, or God’s mind, we seek peace through compromise. I recommend never compromising. Instead, I recommend conversations, to work out in our hearts and minds, and figure out who is God?

      People are trying to combine their finances, to build Zion, when they don’t even believe in the same God! I recommend more and more conversations, to get the finer details of the doctrine. Not my way, or your way, but God’s way. However, our failure to change is directly related to our state of pleasure, or our complacency.

      I hope that’s clearer, that I am trying to recommend conversing as necessary, long before any physical unity can occur.

      Mahalo for your 2-cents!

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