People Matter Most!

The wealth of Zion is their people!

The problem with the early saints was that their circumstances forced them to unify. However, when times were good, they fell apart with jarrings,contentions, envying, and strifes, etc. And they polluted their inheritance (D&C 101:6). The Lord identified their fault, not me. We have the ability to learn from their mistakes.

In Zion, there can be no poor among them. The poor has always been the concern of Zion, because there can be no poor among them. However, those who have accumulated wealth in our current economy have done so in a way that it requires a looser, to make a winner. Someone must lose, for you to win (scarcity). In the scriptures they call this digging a pit for your neighbor. That’s how people get ahead in this world. Zion will not tolerate people of this logic.

D&C 70:14

14 Nevertheless, in your temporal things you shall be equal, and this not grudgingly, otherwise the abundance of the manifestations of the Spirit shall be withheld.”

When temporal things are unequal, manifestations of the Spirit are withheld. So, rather than expecting angels (Greek for messengers) from heaven, giving us further light and knowledge, we redefine what an angel is, pretending to having grand manifestations of the Spirit. However, when we are equal in temporal things, real manifestations will return. Angelic instructions will become common.

There is no poor among the people in Zion because the greatest among them are least among them, and they are the servants of them all. And he that exalts himself is abased, while he that humbles himself is exalted (Matt 23:11-12). In typical business, the boss is at the top, while the employee suffers at the bottom. But, in Zion, the boss places his responsibility below the employee, for the employee’s benefit, and welfare.

Conclusion: I was never born into privilege, but have had the privilege of being born of good parents. They are greatest among our family, and they have exemplified caring for the least among us. While we do not live a wealthy lifestyle, as to the world, our wealth is our people.

The work we have to do is to place the words within each of us, so that when Zion gathers, we will have accumulated treasures in the heavens. While the world choses to sacrifice people, in exchange for things, we must be willing to sacrifice all things, for our people.


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