Getting Heaven’s Attention (755 Words Short)

I wrote earlier about the difference between praying and crying unto the Lord, stating that crying unto the Lord was in similitude to the Lord’s prayer in Gethsemane, on behalf of those whom the Father had given Him. The brother of Jared was visited by Christ as he cried unto the Lord, on behalf of his people, for light as they crossed the ocean. Nephi tells us in the first chapter how Lehi prayed with all his heart, in behalf of his people, and a pillar of fire dwelt upon a rock before him. Enos too prayed on behalf of himself, his people, and his enemies, their brethren, the Lamanites, and Enos obtain personal instruction from the Lord. This morning I read in Alma, chapters 17-19, and saw the same pattern of King Lamoni (crying to the Lord on behalf of his people). And sure enough, the pattern proves itself once again. Lamoni prayed in similar fashion as the others, and obtained a personal visitation of the Lord:

Alma 18:41

“41. And he [King Lamoni] began to cry unto the Lord, saying: O Lord, have mercy according to they abundant mercy which thou hast had upon the people of Nephi, have upon me, and my people.

It was this prayer that caused King Lamoni to pass-out. Ammon convinced the lamanite queen that the King was not dead, and two days later the King arose and testified of his experience with the Lord:

Alma 19:12-13

“12. And it came to pass that he arose, according to the words of Ammon; and as he arose, he stretched forth his hand unto the woman, and said: Blessed be the name of God, and blessed are thou.

13. For as sure as thou livest, behold, I have seen my Redeemer; and he shall come forth, and be born of a woman, and he shall redeem all mankind who believe on his name. Now, when he had said these words, his heart wa swollen within him, and he sunk again with joy; and the queen also sunk down, being overpowered by the Spirit.”

Our prayers in times past have been too low. They haven’t penetrated through to get the attention of the heavens. Not because it isn’t available, but because that isn’t what people seek. We find ourselves in a condition of complacency, as we like being pleasured in this world. This condition of satisfaction, pleasure, and complacency, existed in each fallen dispensation. Joseph Smith suffered this same experience with the early saints, before he was killed. And it has not found a remedy in our day. Joseph said:

“Thy mind, O man, if thou wilt lead the soul unto salvation, must stretch as high as the utmost heavens, and search into and contemplate the darkest abyss, and the broadest expanse of eternity- thou must commune with God.”

(TPJS pg. 137)

The emphasis was for each individual to commune with God, stretching high into the utmost heavens. But the early saints suffered because they failed to elevate their communication to the things of God. Joseph told them:

“How vain and how trifling have been our spirits, our conferences, our councils, our meetings, our private as well as our public conversations- too low, too mean, too vulgar, too condescending for the dignified characters of the called and chosen of God, according to the purposes of His will, from before the foundation of the world.”

(TPJS pg. 137)

Can we say that we have reached into the utmost heavens, and searched into and contemplated the darkest abyss? Or, are our spirits, conferences, councils, meetings, and conversations too low, too mean, too vulgar, etc.?

Conclusion: Cosme’o is a Greek word that means: “to organize, or to put into order.” Cosmo comes from that word, meaning: “the organization, or the ordered.” God is power that ordered or organized the intelligences.

Abraham 4:18

“18. And the Gods watched those things which they had ordered until they obeyed.”

The Gods command, and waits for the intelligences to obey. The commands of the Gods are an invitation for us to as they are. It is our submission to that order, that they wait upon, to give us personal experiences with the heavens. We must break through the veil with our hearts and our minds, to stretch and reach into the utmost heavens. We must do so in our conferences, our councils, our meetings, and our conversations. I pray we do so. And by doing so, we might attract the attention of the heavens, making it necessary for further light and knowledge, instructing us through the darkest abyss.




One thought on “Getting Heaven’s Attention (755 Words Short)

  1. Bravo!!!! You hit the nail on the head. This is wise counsel. This is motivation. This is direction with positive steps to follow. This is exciting! Few words. Words of love and direction. It is very exciting for me. Thank you for this writing. I am motivated. You have lit the path to success.
    Much love and aloha for your wonderful thoughts.

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