The Opposite of Fear! (545 Words Short)

The opposite of fear is not love, it is FAITH. Faith leads to love, and fear leads to hatred. Fear and faith is the testing point. Life is full of choices to make. Choices are really not between good or bad. Choices themselves are neutral. However, what we choose will identify either fear or faith. There is only one good way, and that is to exercise faith!

Differences are inevitable, yet scriptures counsel us that there must be no contention among us, and that if we are not one, than we are not God’s! Then how is it that we resolve differences, without contention, and maintaining oneness? The answer is Faith!

I have heard the course, many times repeated,l to, “Just have faith!” As if permission to “just have it,” is sufficient to obtain any faith at all. It isn’t! A strong belief, a deep desire for, or an intense emotion is insufficient to develop even a “simple faith,” and is impossible to expand into “great faith.” Faith must be based on knowledge and pure intelligence!

Knowledge and pure intelligence is foundational to faith. Knowledge and pure intelligence is truly what is meant by “enlightenment.” And it is not the same as academia, scholarship, licensure, or certification, etc. Although all of that is encompassed by knowledge and pure intelligence, academia, scholarship, etc. is utter darkness compared to enlightenment. To be enlightened is to know the creator, his mind and will, and to act in alignment, by unifying all, thus producing peace in the land. By degrees, faith can be exercised, and then added unto, until you are filled with light, and the love of God, and of all mankind. This is how faith leads to love, line upon line, and precept upon precept.

As faith is built upon knowledge and pure intelligence. Fear is based on ignorance. We fear what we don’t know. Throughout the scriptures, whenever an entire people are destroyed, their lifestyle was based on entertainment, their knowledge of God and the heavens had diminished, leaving them ignorant of heavenly ideas, and hatred filled their hearts. Robbing, secret combinations, sleeping upon their swords, piles of dead bodies everywhere, and desolation is the final result. Not by God’s hand, but by the hand of the wicked killing the wicked. Ignorance of the words of Christ, produces fear, which results in hatred.

Conclusion: We are all ignorant, and disconnected from heaven at the moment, but that need not be our permanent condition. We have the gift of repentance and our redeemer who desires our return. We are at a cross roads, and must choose to obtain faith by our study, built upon knowledge and pure intelligence. This is how the brother of Jared preserved his language. This is how Enoch built Zion with a people who would repent. Melchizedek used the same tool to generate peace in Salem, and joined Salem with Enoch’s Zion. It will be no different for us. God is the same today, tomorrow, and forever. There is no variation within Him.

The alternative is ignorance. The world is full of ignorance, yet we call it the information age. We have so much access to information, but have not the knowledge and pure intelligence to develop heaven connecting faith. I say, “Repent!”


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