Mercy Cannot Rob Justice (807 Words Medium)

In order for God to be God, Mercy cannot rob Justice. Repentance in our day is understood from only one perspective, ours! While we want everyone to be merciful, and forget our wrong-doings (when we are the offenders), we equally demand justice when we are wronged, and offended. Both parties have legitimate arguments, but can’t both be right, …right?

First, lets get repentance straight. The origin of the word repent is Latin. The Latin root of repentance is: Re-poena-tentia. It literally means: to punish again, and again, and again. However, it was a mistranslation from the Greek word: Metanoia. Metanoia means to simply “change directions.” Since there are only two masters, there are only two directions, or two ways. Thus, to Metanoia means to follow a different master, and change your direction. Anciently, the gospel was called “The Gospel of the Two Ways.” The early Christians, at the time of Christ, didn’t call themselves Christians at all. They called themselves “followers of the way.” Christ refers to himself as “the way.” So, to properly repent is as simple as changing direction. That is as easy as it gets. Repentance is so simple, and Christ forgives quickly.

While God’s quick forgiveness, makes you clean every whit, Mercy cannot rob Justice. Put in simple terms, sin causes a loss of light, and an increase of darkness. Forgiveness, although it provides a clean slate, doesn’t replace lost light. To regain light requires work. So justice is the work required to fill the darkness with light. Justice is the work of regaining and accumulating more light, until a just man is filled with light, and is considered by God: “justified.”

So mercy allows forgiveness to be given, and your sins, though they were scarlet, can be white as snow. Forgiveness provides a clean, vacant lot, ready to begin the work of building. But work is required to fill that empty lot, to regain the light that was lost, and to be filled with light, in order to be considered “justified.” Simply being forgiven of sin does not, and cannot, skip the work of accumulating further light and knowledge. Therefore, no man can be saved in ignorance. And he that gets more knowledge in this life, it will be to their advantage in the world to come. Mercy can never rob justice.

Conclusion: Both mercy and justice are gifts from God. Christ atoned, that he might show mercy to those who choose to “Metanoia” (change directions). The words of Christ, Angelic Ministers, and Christ’s personal relationship (in the flesh) was intended to “justify” mankind, by filling them with light. Therefore we are counseled to seek further light and knowledge by conversing with the Lord through the veil. It is only through that communication that man can repent, be justified, and enter into His rest, which is “The Fullness.”

Confession: For the longest time, I have battled with insecurities regarding past transgressions of another. The offender has long since repented of their mistake, producing a very clean vacant lot. However, it wasn’t until that vacancy was filled, that my insecurities have been displaced by light, and justice was satisfied. I am now justified, or filled with light, where the darkness of insecurities once occupied. Repentance produces a degree of relief, but it cannot have it’s greatest effect, until light replaces the darkness completely. Forgiveness is Christ’s. Our work is to seek and acquire more light. Light is what justifies.

I am grateful to all who have expressed their support of me and my wife, in our most recent confrontation with our ward leaders. I plead to God for mercy for my wife and I, as we aren’t short of mistakes. We desire to be completely justified by the grace of God. However, I do not think that any of us, have the “convenience” of denying, fallible men, of Christ’s mercy. We would not want to be denied Christ’s mercy in our offenses. We too can make room for others who don’t know better. I ask that you reserve final judgement for a later time, and not now. Who knows, they too might “metanoia.”

We all must repent, then place our trust in Christ’s words, and seek daily to understand them, to become justified of Christ (being filled with light). Those who deny themselves of repentance, judging others harshly, failing to forgive, rejecting more light and knowledge, cannot be justified. They will be dealt with, by God, “justly.”

I hold no animosity towards any of the members of the bishopric who recently exercised their judgement unrighteously. Doing so would deny them of the gifts of God, offered to all men, of Mercy and Justice. It is everyones choice to judge. How we judge, so shall we be judged. I will choose to FOLLOW CHRIST, and be merciful, by quickly forgiving.

Mercy cannot rob Justice!



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