Man and Wife (200 words very short)

Enoch was there when Adam gathered the first Zion (D&C107). Enoch used that pattern, to establish his own Zion. In order for Enoch to establish Zion, it was necessary for Enoch be married, and have that marriage sealed up by the presence of the Lord. Finally, when Enoch bore a son, Methuselah, he was blessed of God. It is only through a marriage, sealed by Christ Himself, that a son can be begotten, and the entire creation preserved.

Having been sealed to your spouse, and coming into the presence of the Lord, are directly related. Being approved of the Lord, and completed as a person, is intimately tied to the man and wife who are inseparable, and inseparably connected, like the rights of the priesthood. Man cannot be saved separately and singly (D&C 132:15-17). Man is only saved in a union sealed by Christ’s presence, designed to produce children. Without the woman, there is no salvation for man. There is no happiness without the woman.

But if you manage to manipulate, intimidate, berate and belittle a spouse, until you obtain from her (or him) reluctant submission, …you haven‘t produced anything worthy of eternal preservation. You haven’t produced anything that God will take notice of. Compulsion cannot produce oneness.


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