KEYS and LAWS (605 Words Short)

We ignorantly and arrogantly lay claim to holding all the “keys” in these latter days. If you have any “key,” you must perform. You must act upon what you have been given, or else not get the blessings upon which was predicated. When you lay hold of a blessing at the hand of God, that is yours eternally. Because to lay hold of it is to “become it,” not just to claim something.

D&C 130:20-21

“20. There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated—

21. And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.”

Obedience to the law is to become that law. You cannot go in and out, or be on sometimes and off sometimes, and still be considered obedient to the law. It requires becoming a new creature in Christ, not going back and forth, and nothing less.

Joseph Smith did not surrender any keys of this dispensation upon his death, as tradition would have it. That would be like one person doing the exercise, while the next person gets all the muscles. You can’t share the oil. Joseph didn’t have the ability to pass on keys of the dispensation. The keys of the dispensation was given to Joseph because of what he did. He opened it, and obtained a connection to the heavens, and was given the ability to seal people to himself, and thus to the heavens. Joseph was the link to the heavens, so others could bear the same testimony as he did, that they know Christ themselves. Zion’s people all know the Lord personally, or else they are not members of Zion.

Brigham Young took control over the quorum of the twelve, upon Joseph’s death, and sat himself in Joseph’s seat. Brigham Young expressed a year before dying that he had never seen angels, or Christ, but he would- once he turned 80 yr old (he died at 76). He also exclaimed that he didn’t know what Joseph was up to, sealing people to himself. Despite not understanding the sealing, Brigham went ahead and began sealing himself to women as sexual partners, and claimed that it was the religion, when he knew nothing of what Joseph was doing.

If anyone obtains keys from God, it will be because they are consistently obedient to the laws of heaven upon which it is predicated. To lay hold upon the sealing keys requires any holder of that to be exactly what Joseph Smith was, tied to the heavens. When someone is tied to the heavens, they seek to tie everyone else who will be to be connected to Christ as well. Thus, when Zion returns, and Adam-ondi-ahman is re-established, all will be returned to Adam, and from Adam to Christ, and from Christ to the Father. That is the family of God. That is what is meant to be sealed up!

Conclusion: Now is the time to awake and arise. Without the words of Christ, you are lulled into a deep sleep, and cannot awake. Once you are awake, you must arise by being obedient to the law upon which all blessings are predicated before the foundations of the earth, despite what it means to the popular crowd on earth. That law will require that you become a stranger in a strange land, just as all the fathers of old. But it doesn’t mean that we must be alone. Zion is a people, who are of one heart and one mind, who dwell in righteousness, and have no poor among them. Lets be that!


4 thoughts on “KEYS and LAWS (605 Words Short)

    • The church that Joseph was restoring was NOT fraudulent. What we have had since the death of Joseph Smith is the remnants that remained after the death of Joseph Smith, which was still quite a bit. It is far more than anyone else offered, by miles. But what Joseph Smith offered was far more than what was left just after he and Hyrum died, and the saints flew to pieces like glass when being taught something that went against their traditions, when they were alive.

      What we have now is far less than what remained after Joseph Smith’s death. We have picked away at our own doctrine like crack-heads, leaving little recognizable of what was being restored before Joseph’s death. The changes that have been made as of recent doctrinally redefine the Savior as playing a secondary role in salvation to the prophet, attacking the membership of anyone declaring that coming to Christ in the flesh was for all, and not as only intended for officials in Salt Lake, changing the definition of the second comforter to be reduced to the Holy Ghost, and the misuse and hiding of sacred funds while the poor get poorer and the rich get richer, are some of the conditions faced NOW. This means that the church has become, in our day, exactly as the scriptures have prophesied, identifying the end of the day of the Gentiles (3 Nephi 16:10). Anyone seeking the fullness is on the radar of the Gentile leadership, and is being rejected.

      So the church was not a fraud at the time of Joseph Smith. But since then, there have been changes, and they continue to happen with succeeding prophets, such that what we have left is a large and spacious building, and a perfect conundrum- “A CHOICE!” The separation of the wheat from the tares is now upon us, and the only way to identify with the wheat is totally dependent upon laying hold upon the words of Christ. That has been my emphasis for the last 3.5 years on this blog, and for the last 10 years in person.

      Those who will not hear, and will not see, because they cast away the scriptures, considering them as naught, fulfilling the words of Nephi (2 Nephi 33:2), and will continue to bare testimony that “the church is true,” and that it can remain true without the necessity for us to know God and Christ, while being obedient to church officers, will separate themselves out as tares. Even when all the scriptures identify knowing God and Christ as “life eternal.”

      It isn’t the church in question today. They will stand exactly as they are standing, against the fullness. The scriptures have prophesied of that condition. It is US who are in question. And you cannot merely get the right answer and claim it. You must be built upon the rock, which is the doctrine of Christ, in the words of Christ. Knowing that the church is not true offers no salvation. Knowing Christ is the only salvation. And the only way to know Christ is a lengthy process that cannot be hastened, and it takes work! The wise man will do that work and build upon the foundation of rock. But the foolish man will not, and will find his foundation is sand, and the gates of hell will stand open to receive him when the floods come and the winds beat upon them (3 Nephi 11:39-41).

      • Our family has a great chance of getting it right, if we can put off our unbelief and lay hold upon the words of Christ. We have good hearted people among us. But we must begin the foundational work that rests upon us. If there is any people who understand the necessity of building upon a sturdy foundation, it is us. If there is any people who aren’t afraid to work, it is us! If there is a any people who can stand amidst the herd moving in the wrong direction, and travel against the grain, it is us. I will offer it all up, every last drop of blood that runs through my veins to prove that my family would receive it if it were offered.

        The work is upon us to gently awaken our family, teach the words of Christ, and finally arise. I think the death of loved ones, the hardships of misjudgment, the experiences of leadership-gone-amuck, has done a pretty good job at clambering, that most of us are on the verge of sleep and awake. But if you and I can be there to gently help them regain consciousness, and nurture them with the words of Christ, they will still become the lions that they are prophesied to become.

        You are there and I am not, so you must be vigilant at doing the real missionary work amongst our family. The converting must be the responsibility of the spirit, but the voice of God must be sounded in their ears by a messenger, a servant. Not everyone in our family reads this, but you have read it, and can see the truth. It becomes your duty, because you have been warned, to warn our family. I am here searching for a connection to the heavens right now. As we work together, it will be the “marvelous work” that was prophesied of. Without trying to underestimate what lies ahead, I am confident that we got this!

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