Citizenship in the Government of God (995 Words Medium)

Zion is the government of God. The government of God is a family. The family of God is literally connected to the heavens, by way of “the fathers.” Those whose hearts are turned to “the fathers” (those who have connected to heaven while in the flesh) are “the children.” The children have Citizenship in the Government of God.

Children: When there are children, whose hearts are turned to the fathers, then the hearts of the fathers turn to the children. The connection of “the fathers” and “the children” is an invitation to God, that there are a people on the earth who finally desire to be governed by Him. The savior’s return to claim that people is the establishment of the government of God (Zion) here on the earth.

We’re the Invitation: When what is on earth is as it is in heaven, then Zion in heaven will reconnect with Zion on earth, making heaven and earth “ONE.” Although a man can be connected to heaven while in the flesh, and belong to the family of God in the heavens, it doesn’t qualify as Zion on earth. He will remain a wanderer and sojourner on the earth, until there are others like him, a people. Zion on earth requires a people (a community) who hear the word of God, who become one because they are governed by the Doctrine of Christ. Their presence on earth becomes an ensign (or a signal) to heaven, that the family on earth looks like the family in heaven. We are the invitation.

Baptism: Since the government of God is a family, the only way to enter into a family is by birth. Baptism is the sign of being born into a family, and is required of all who enter the government of God.

The church is an unfinished mock-up of the family of God. Joseph Smith required baptism into the church because he was restoring the family of God on the earth. He set up the framework of the church by bringing forth more Doctrines of Christ, for the people to govern themselves, and setting quorums equal to each other, so one is not above the next (D&C 107). However, before he could finish the restoration, he was killed, and the work went unfinished. Immediately after Joseph’s death the quorum of the twelve made what was once equal authority, into a power grab, and it has been this way ever since. We have since removed from our canon of scripture significant doctrine (lectures on faith), and have sought to be governed by leaders, rather than governing ourselves.

Lessons in the Symbols of the Past: The church is the mock-up of the family of God. The first presidency is a symbol of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The quorum of the twelve is the symbol of the twelve tribes of Israel. The quorum of the seventy is the symbol of the seventy members of the family of the twelve tribes, when they entered into Egypt. When Joseph established it, each were equal in authority because each represented the entire family of God.

Egypt was the “Power House” at that time, as America is today, and was a symbol of going into the world. The family of God went into Egypt and fell apart, becoming apostate. Moses was sent to bring them out of the world, as Joseph Smith was trying to do before he died. However, when Moses took the children of Israel out of Egypt, Israel would not be sanctified. They would not be governed by Christ and become the family of God.

The restoration that Joseph began was intended to once again establish the family of God. The family of God is prophesied to over throw all nations of the world. The saints today have rejected to be sanctified by the words of Christ, just as the children of Israel did at the time of Moses, and have suffered a great deal because of that condemnation. Just as Egypt was the world power at the time of Moses, America is the world power today.

The restoration was left incomplete at the time of Joseph Smith. the family of God was not established, except for in the mock-up of the LDS church. In order to complete the restoration, the family of God is coming out from the Gentiles unto YOU, the house of Israel. It’s coming out of the mock-up, to become the real family of God, connected to heaven. It’s coming out of what the world considers the “Power House” (America), symbolic of when God overthrew Egypt.

Lessons of the Mock-up: We must qualify as little children, and not reject the gift being offered to us now. What we have in the Doctrines left by Joseph Smith is partial, on purpose, to try our faith. We must search the Doctrines Joseph left (including the lectures on faith), to write it upon our hearts. It must sink deep within us, to “govern” our every actions. Only those governed by the Doctrines of Christ qualify for citizenship in the government of God on the earth. And we must see clearly that lording over others, compulsion, unrighteous dominion, force, and inequality disqualifies citizenship in God’s government.

The counsel to become as little children had more to do with the establishment of the government of God, the family of God, Zion, …than anything else. Children submit to all things that the Father will inflict upon them. When the Doctrines of Christ are central, there you will find a family who are of one heart and mind, with no poor among them, dwelling in righteousness. We are the ensign. We are the invitation to the heavens. When we are ready, the heavenly Zion will return.

Conclusion: Because of agency, God doesn’t kill the wicked. The wicked kill the wicked. The wicked are also allowed to kill the righteous. BUT, …once the government of God is established on the earth (Zion), none can stand against it!


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