Zion Is Our Invitation To Heaven (766 Words Short)

Zion is our invitation to Heaven. Because of our tendency toward being commanded in all things, following the arm of flesh, and exercising unrighteous dominion, we have wrongly assumed that when Zion is to appear, some man will then announce its gathering in one of our bi-annual, televised, and broadcasted conferences, for all the saints to now engage. Truth is, Zion is our sign to the heavens that there is finally a people who can be molded by heaven.

Zion is another name for the family of God, and does NOT require it’s people to be flawless, but it does require them to be complete” (or in Latin: perfectus [achieved/ executed/ carried out/ completed]). In our ignorance, we have accumulated many false traditions, many incorrect ideas, many bad habits. It is our ignorance that leads us into unknown paths that deviate, ever so slightly, from the mark of Christ. Traveling too long along a slightly deviated path requires significant course-correcting if we are ever going to accomplish our objective. You, my brothers and sisters, and I are the fifth generation from the time of Joseph Smith in 1830. Where we are, as a church, has been deviated by degrees for over 186 years. If we are to qualify for Zion, our first effort must be to course correct, and repent, or turn toward God again. Failure to do so will leave us “incomplete” and left out of Zion, therefore we are NOT the family of God, and cannot qualify for HIS protection.

This morning I had a conversation with my wife and was provided insight to a great example of course-correcting. Alma (older) was one of King Noah’s high priests. He was baptized, but his foundation was eroded by generations of deviations, eventually leading to King Noah and wicked priests. This is always the case of a people who apostatize. Abinadi preached repentance, and Alma was humbled and heeded the call. Based upon the words of Abinadi alone, Alma and a group of about 250 people, went to the waters of Mormon and were baptized again, re-establishing their foundation upon the words of Abinadi, before he was burned. This was such a difficult course-correction, that it almost cost them their lives. However, when Alma and the people of Helam arrived in Zerahemla, to join with the Nephites, Mulekites, and remaining scattered Jaredites, Alma underwent yet another course-correction. Limhi brought the Jaredite record with him, and King Mosiah translated them with seer stones. Limhi and others all wanted to be baptized with Alma, but weren’t able to before his father King Noah chased Alma and the people of Helam out. Having new records, Alma and all those who desired were once again re-baptized for a third time, to course-correct once again. As Latter-day Saints, we have strayed far from the scriptures we have been given, such that we require a major course-correction too. When it is properly done, we too will be COMPLETE.

Conclusion: Zion on earth is the invitation ensign from hear, to the heavens, to indicate that we are ready for the Lord’s return. It is not the heavens that postpone it. It’s not the angels who stop it. It’s not the responsibility of the leaders to produce it. It IS our responsibility, as individual saints, to BECOME IT!

It will not be a man’s job to fertilize the Zion-egg, in an institutional incubator. Zion will be developed in the womb of a mother, and it will be the hand of God alone who will provide His family with life. If a man were to use his arm to produce it, not only would it be grossly deformed, but it could not live, and would naturally be aborted.

God’s way is truth, that leads to repentance. Repentance is the ONLY tool that will produce Zion. Protecting false traditions, defending officers and leaders, promoting man’s programs and foolish and vain ambitions, will remove the need to repent, and will abort the  embryo of Zion into a miscarriage.

The words of Christ is the seed that must be nourished in us. As we study, ponder, and teach the words of Christ, it will require us to course-correct. It may require us to be baptized together as Alma did at the waters of Mormon, based upon our ability to hear the voice of the Lord, through a servant, outside of the channels of the governing officers. It is prophesied that more scripture will be given, requiring more course-correction. All this is necessary to produce a Zion people. Then, Zion will be our Invitation to the Heaven’s preparatory to the Lord’s return.


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