Skipping Steps (512 Words Short)

If wolves always look like wolves, and they are easily recognizable as wolves, why are we warned to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing? Sheep’s clothing is intended for wolves to look like sheep, to be convincing, to seem harmless. They seek to lead the flock into submission, rather than promoting intelligence, which would reveal their true character as wolves. The Lord warned us that we would be required to make a judgement call in these latter-days. It is upon us to decide wether or not we can know the difference between a real sheep and a fake one. The only way to know between the two is by being thoroughly familiar with the words of Christ.

Skipping Steps: There are no short cuts to ingesting the words of Christ. It is a labor that, if it’s avoided, will make you unable to detect a deceptive wolf, wearing sheep’s clothing. The majority of the church suffers from this, bearing testimony to things they don’t understand, sustaining wolves as leaders of the sheep, rather than doing the labor and judging for themselves by the content of their message. We skip the step of knowing the words of Christ to authenticate a servant of Christ, following men in offices.

When referring to the two great commandments, we too often skip the first step, thinking that if I serve my neighbor, …that automatically means I love my neighbor, …which means I love God. We have skipped the step of loving God, which was first! Skipping the first step makes the second step non-genuine, unreal, and unable to endure.

We are told that if we receive the words of Christ, then we’ll receive Christ’s servant, and eventually receive Christ. But, we have skipped the step of knowing the words of Christ. And then we testify that we know the servant of Christ, without any means of validating a servant against the words of Christ. We want the reward, but think we can qualify for the reward having NOT done the work. We have become a society of skipping steps.

Conclusion: Read the words of Christ in a way that you are able to be so familiar with it’s content, so that you can recognize the words of those who come as a witness. Doing so requires a constant effort, in your labor in the scriptures. You must know it so well that your ability to recognize the content of the message, from whomever the Lord sends as messengers. Knowing the message is the only method to recognizing a messenger.

Today, we can recognize Lehi, Abinadi, Samuel the Lamanite, and Joseph Smith as prophets. But, when they ministered, they were not men who came through the proper channels of office. They came as true messengers, testing the faith of those in whom they ministered. The church members rejected them. They were not sustained as leaders. But their message was from the mouth of God. Only those familiar with the words of God would find familiarity in the message delivered from a servant of God. We cannot skip steps!


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