Truth and Repentance (350 Words Short)

The truth is absolutely necessary for repentance. Without the truth, repentance is impossible. False beliefs (or in other words “unbelief”) and false traditions (also grouped in “unbelief”) are, for the most part, considered harmless by most, …yet it rots at the core of our faith, until doubt overcomes faith altogether. Unbelief is culprit to our failure to lay hold upon salvation and exaltation. Seeking to replace unbelief with truth, although it drives oft times against the main flow of what’s commonly accepted, truth always produces freedom through repentance.

Although “insanity” is considered doing the same thing, expecting a different result, we have hundreds of excuses why “OUR” church traditions aren’t in the same category, because “the church is true.” We have justified that Nauvoo wasn’t a failure, even when the saints received the promised cursing, for failing to build it in sufficient time. They suffered plagues and destruction, just as they were promised (D&C 124). We have justified the disobedience of the pioneers, who didn’t go when they were told to go, waited until later to sell off their belongings for money, and then suffered being frozen to death. Yet, we label them “blessed noble pioneers.” We make excuses for polygamy because we are ignorant of it’s original practice, intent, or purpose. We make excuses for blacks and the priesthood. We make excuses for why leaders must be respected as being called of God. Can we justify to ourselves that “the church is true” Even when the scriptures testify that the truth will set you free, we prefer the shackles of false tradition and insanity.

Conclusion: It’s the truth that sets you free. It is your own responsibility to use the words of Christ as a Liahona (Alma 37), so that you can know when someone offers the truth, or just another foolish and vain tradition. Those who have ears to hear and eyes to see will recognize the truth of it because of their familiarity with the words of Christ. Failure to know the words of Christ produces the perfect conditions for foolish traditions of unbelief, making repentance impossible.


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