The Two Great Commandments (650 Words Short)

God knows all truth: knowledge of things as they ARE (present), as they WERE (past), and as they are TO COME (future). Although we pass through a veil causing us to forget our prior existence, the idea that Abraham was one of the “noble and great ones,” prior to coming to earth, says that we existed in a way that allowed Abraham to progress and become noble and great, prior to arriving on earth. Christ progressed to become exactly what he was and is. He grew grace for grace, and from grace to grace, until he became the only begotten son of God. This was done prior to coming to earth, just like Abraham. So what happened before coming to earth, to produce noble and great ones, and to make men only begotten sons? The theory I have in mind is based upon the order of The Two Great Commandments. 

This is a complex topic, so I’ll get to the point. Some who came to earth have lived many lives before arriving here. You can read Joseph Smith’s King Follet discourse that he wrote a few years before dying, and hear Joseph talking about multiple lives. When we are sealed, the words used are “exaltation and eternal lives.” Therefore, the role we have here on earth, and the work we must do, are all based upon past lives, that we have forgotten when we passed through the veil.

The parable of the good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-35) depicts a person beaten up on the side of the road, having lost his “memory.” YOU are that person, as YOUR memory was taken when you passed through the veil. In the parable, Christ is the good Samaritan. His sheep hear his voice, and Christ picks you up, and takes you to an “inn-keeper.” Or in other words, a servant. And Christ gives him enough money to restore the travelers memory (removing the veil).  When we are restored, then we can expand by progressing to a greater capacity. Once you know who you were, combined with who you are, then you can make the necessary adjustments, to become who you want to be.

Christ knows all truth, meaning He knows all things from what they were (before coming to earth), to what we are on earth, and what we are going to be after this earth (D&C 93). He knows it because He atoned by descending below it all, and arising above it all. For this reason, there is no other way to be redeemed, but through Christ.

So here’s how it connects with the two great commandments. Our capacity to love our neighbors is directly tied to our ability to love God with our heart, mind and soul FIRST. When we have come to know Christ and God, …only then we can truly love our neighbor. When you love Christ, you also love all that He has created, …because you first loved Christ. However, ignorance of God and Christ generates mistrust in men, and men’s hearts run cold, until they ultimately die in war with one another.

Conclusion: As we learn and come to know Christ personally, we are restored to our memory, and then added upon. And we follow Christ by progressing from grace to grace, and from grace to grace, until we too can become precisely what Christ is, and obtain the fulness of God’s glory (D&C 93). Those who have chosen to follow Christ, have most likely chosen to do the same in past lives before, and they are on their path to eternal progression, having proven themselves to be noble and great.

God knows the beginning from the end. Trust in God and don’t lean on your own understanding. Come to know God through the words of Christ. Keep the first great commandment. And you will find yourself exalted.



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