Completely Objective (253 Words Short)

Everyone has bias as we all come with, and developed, different preferences here on earth. However, before coming through the veil, we were part of a grand council, where we could allow agency to be tested. In order to pass the test, despite your preferences, each individual must remain Completely Objective.

To be OBJECTIVE means: to not be influenced by personal feelings or opinions, when considering and representing facts. Paul was presented truth, and was completely objective, and was able to stop persecuting the saints, becoming a teacher. Although many hesitated receiving Paul, knowing that he’d been responsible for killing saints for the law, the saints who listened to Paul’s message was also required to remain completely objective, to receive his corrections.

The Lord said that His sheep will hear his voice. The prophecy is that when the Gentiles reject the fullness, the fullness will go to the House of Israel, and Israel will be gathered (3 Nephi 16). The point is: His sheep have been scattered and must be gathered by being completely objective when hearing the voice of the Lord. Sheep are required to not be influenced by personal feelings or opinions, but to consider the facts without bias. If you are Christ’s sheep, than you will recognize the words of Christ, no matter who is speaking them.

Conclusion: We are so inundated, occupied with too many things vying for our attention, that we have allowed the words of Christ to become unfamiliar material, loosing our ability to discern between truth and error.


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