But, We Have the Internet… (650 Words Short)

In our state of relativity, we compare ourselves with what surrounds us, and play the game of our lives according to the competition, rather than according to the heavens. Satan promotes ignorance of the heavens, and encourages relativity, to control the hearts and minds of the world. In our state of ignorance of the heavens, and our state of relativity, we justify our intelligence, saying, “But, We Have the Internet…” If Joseph Smith stated that “knowledge saves,” than having the internet, academics, careers, etc. could deceive us into thinking that we are saved. However, knowledge is understanding the creation from God’s point of view, until we ourselves become creators the same. That is different from “information,” which is relative to what we understand among men, on earth, within a veil.

Our conferences seem so repetitive, that it gives off the idea that when it comes to the gospel, there’s nothing new. The reality is, although the Book of Mormon was restored for over 186 years, and it is a record of a people spanning over 2,00 years (including the Jaredites), …the scriptures have gone un-penetrated by the minds of the saints the entire time. So it’s all new!

When we study the scriptures, we are required to petition the heavens to have the author’s intention of the scriptures revealed to us. The authors are the fathers that we are instructed to turn our hearts to. Since the author’s of those texts are not here with us in person, we must necessarily obtain and rely on revelation to know their intention. Using revelation as the looking glass is designed to test the hearts of those reading the document. When you read without the expectation of the need for revelation, you can get good principles, a funky-old storyline, historical background, or nothing but confusion. Or… when you expect revelation, you seek to know God, the covenants made to the fathers, and the heavens, and suddenly the scriptures slowly become unveiled until you understand them completely (perfectus in Greek), and then you’ll discover it is all NEW! The second method is the Lord’s prescribed method: reading for revelation.

The truth is, the design of the scriptures was meant to convey truth and light to only those who are awakened to the things of heaven, and no one else. It is hidden in plain sight just like the stars and the signs in the heavens were meant as prophesies, but they have gone ignored as well. The scriptures are written in a way that it conveys a fulness to those who are awake, but for those who are asleep (or don’t desire the things of heaven), they are intended to keep you asleep, leaving you unaroused in your slumber. The way it is done is by quoting fathers, connected to heaven, who were allowed to reveal the prophesies of the last days. Jacob used the allegory of the olive tree (the words of Zenos), to prophesy of our day (Jacob 5). Nephi used the words of Isaiah to prophesy of our day (2 Nephi 12-24). Those who cannot understand, by revelation, the words of Jacob, Nephi, Zenos, or Isaiah, will find themselves unprepared for what lies ahead, despite the fact that they can carry the internet around with them, in their pockets, on their phones, using apps.

Conclusion: Owning the internet does not provide any advantage to receiving the words of Christ by revelation. Owning a copy of the Book of Mormon doesn’t either. Only when the words of Christ are found deep within your hearts (desires) and it’s meaning is revealed by the Holy Ghost, then you have the means to make proper choices.

The work necessary to put the words of Christ within your heart can only be done by one person, YOU! No one can do that work for you. Failure to accomplish that work, will naturally cause your fruit to be bitter, and not sweet.




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