Interesting Sabbath (801 Words Medium)

Today is Sunday, and I had a good day in church. I spent sacrament meeting in the lobby. We spoke about Christ’s first coming of Christ. Then we discussed Elder Rundland’s talk on the Joy of Repentance. But, the cherry on top was a testimony by an old Samoan man at the end of High Priest’s meeting.

We arrive to sacrament meeting late to sit out in the lobby, avoiding the necessity for me to be compelled as a captured audience, and endure the repetition of opinions based merely on their life experiences, void of being related to scripture. While I feel bad for what people go through, and sometimes even feel motivated to be better, I rarely come to know God better there. Besides, there is no interaction in that meeting, so I stay outside and talk to my children about what I agree or disagree with.

Gospel Doctrine was on fire as the teacher had us read significant scriptures that point out the failure of those who survived the destruction, and their reasons for mourning. They regretted seeking and speaking the words of Christ, prior to the destruction. Christ’s message was not a happy one, as He professed their wickedness. However, Christ left some hope that they could possibly become a Son of God. The false tradition that we are automatically sons and daughters of God is an unbelief, and causes the saints to be complacent, thinking they are already qualified, when the scriptures teach us that a work must be done to produce fruit to qualify. The assignment was 3 Nephi 8-11.

In High Priests we spoke of repentance as simply to turn around, change direction, go the other way. Our group allowed me to draw a spiral on the board and I explained that ascension is a clockwise spiral. To move in a clockwise direction on the same spiral path is the wrong direction, as it is a descending path. To son is the go the wrong direction and descend. To repent is merely to “turn around” and ascend.  The teacher didn’t like the positive response to my comment, and he added that we must go to the bishop and repent of morality issues and when we don’t think that our leaders are called of God. But overall, repentance was well addressed.

The highlight was when an old Samoan brother approached me. He said that he has been praying about me for a while now, concerning the status of our temple recommend being revoked. I don’t know how he learned of this. I didn’t tell him. He continued telling me that he has put my name on the temple prayer-roles, and the spirit spoke to him and said that what the bishop is doing is wrong. He was instructed to address the issue with the bishop. When he did, he told the bishop that he (the bishop) had every right to do as he is doing. But, I am instructed by the spirit to tell you that what you are doing is not right, and Christ would not be happy with you revoking their blessings by revoking their recommend. The bishop agreed that he would counsel with me and pray with me, to resolve this concern. He told me that he knew my heart and couldn’t understand why the bishop would treat me this way.

Although I doubt the bishop will ever meet with my wife and I concerning our recommend, let alone reverse his decision, it is a sign to me that the Lord has accepted the work we have been doing among our ward. Another man, outside of my knowledge, is praying to God because what I am saying and doing doesn’t match what the bishop has condemned me for. It is God’s work. Christ’s words are my only aim, to speak and to be instructed by. I am Christ’s servant, and I aim to be as Nephi, with unwearyingness I will declare Christ’s word.

Conclusion: The Lord is about a marvelous work and wonder today. It wasn’t as we have been told in our traditions that this work is the missions all over the world. The work is aimed at creating Zion now. Servants who speak the words of Christ offer invitations. It is the responsibility of the branches, YOU, to determine if the graft will take (Jacob 5). When your moisture comes from the roots (the words of Christ/ the covenants and promises made to the fathers), then you will produce sweet fruit, and will belong to Zion.

Do not be complacent. Take the action and exercise faith unto repentance, by changing directions, and sinking the words of Christ deep into your hearts. Don’t let the second coming approach you as the first coming came upon the Nephites. Be prepared to receive the city of Enoch.



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