The True House of Order (911 Words-Adieu)

The True House of Order has gone misunderstood for so long that it is confused with a business organization. Since God is the same forever, His order is correctly understood as patterns, and NOT a hierarchy. How you interpret The True House of Order will determine the master in whom you will serve.

Mammon: We have been taught since nursery that “The Church is True” and that the organization established in these latter-days is the same organization that Christ established during His mortal ministry. No one ever questions Christ’s intentions, and the work he set out to do, to bring the earth back to it’s paradisiacal glory. The prophesy of “all as at first” points to the beginning, at the time of Adam, not to the fallen state Christ set out to begin the redemption.

We have taken what Christ has established, pointing back to the Patriarchal lineage of the fathers, and we have turned it into a business corporation. Missionaries are sent out as a point of sales, to sell the church. Millions of dollars are used to establish marketing campaigns to chum the waters with bait, so that even an 18 year old can close the sale. The clubhouse is completed with a qualifying recommend hanging overhead to maintain the hierarchies status-quo, as one who stands at the head, to speak for God. Our church’s real estate institutions, academic institutions, banking institutions, and commercial institutions, are testimony to those who view a house of order in terms of business. It is all Mammon.

House of Order: The True House of Order is not a business corporation, rather it is ESTABLISHED PATTERNS. The Lord is pointing to patterns. The entire universe follows these patterns, and those unfamiliar with them are also unfamiliar with God, and are identified as never knowing Him. Christ has not come to our latter-day temples to establish Zion among us, because it fails to follow patterns. When the Lord comes, He will come to the temple that reflects His house in the heavens, where what is done on earth is the same as what is done in heaven.

The choices mankind makes also follows an order, even when they don’t know it. There are only two masters. Each time the Lord extends an invitation through a restoration, it is the same; He does so through the least among them. Each time the people of God fall into apostasy, it is when they are puffed up, big headed, conceited, or in other words a large and spacious building. It is always through the official class, the benefactors (the collectors and distributors of the tithes), the branches who have taken strength unto themselves (Jacob 5), and the shepherds given charge of the temple (Ezekiel 33-34). When God sets out to establish a house of order, it too must follow the pattern of:

  • Resting the Priesthood from those exercising unrighteous dominion
  • Restoring the truth through the promises made to the fathers
  • Gathering into the garners, those who will submit to those covenants/promises made to the fathers, to make them ONE
  • Establishing The True House of Order where Christ will come and make those gathered their ONE through His mysteries (temple ordinances), as was promised to Nauvoo, but was never accomplished (D&C 124).
  • Then comes the cleansing; But this time it will be by fire, to complete the sanctification of the earth prior to it being returned to it’s paradisiacal glory

Any other way is not God’s way. It is by some other way. And if it is by some other way, it is not of God. That is the order, and it will never change.

Your Call: God has been the same, but who you choose to follow is your call. Factors that influence your choice against God is your ignorance of the words of Christ, and the things of heaven. It is impossible to exercise great faith unto salvation with insufficient knowledge of first hand experience with the words of Christ. Zion must be established upon God’s doctrine, and not the ideas of men who are set up as idols, and graven images.

Conclusion: Some of you have expressed the desire for me to not include you if what I say speaks against The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and it’s leaders. Essentially, you have requested that I not speak to you about the scriptures, because it too speaks against this group in these latter-days. I have presented all I can, using pure doctrine, and have requested that you gain a testimony for yourselves by asking with sincerity if what I am saying is true. My voice has become a nuisance to those, and I will not use pressure or compulsion to make my point. I respect your wishes, and will no more address you here.

As I have not been requested by each of you to discontinue my communication, I will continue to post my impressions here, until it is unanimous of my siblings and parents (plural). I will respect my sibling’s spouses as if they too agree with their spouse, as they ought to be ONE. Please forgive me as a messenger, but I offer no apologies for the words of Christ. If anyone is to blame, it is my presentation, and not the message.

If you change your mind concerning the doctrine, I will once again embrace the opportunity to speak openly. As some of you have desired me to stop, I will not be moving home.


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