Re: Patriarchal Order (1546 Words Long)

There is value in reasoning with one another. So let me reason with you concerning your opinions about Patriarchal Order.

Okay, so the word patriarch = patre families, father, head of family, head. Your assumptions and opinions of who is the patriarch is purely debatable. You may refer to particular scriptures to “prove” your point, but the Lord is the one to judge a righteous people with righteous desires and actual efforts to serve and learn and do the will of the Lord. Your assumptions have been influenced by those with whom you have studied, with your experiences with individuals in individual disagreements, and your understanding of the scriptures, but your judgement has been pegged on the church of Jesus Christ as a whole. Not so. We are in Christ’s beautiful creation so that “man may have joy…” The scriptures are filled with light and truth and direction and love. Our focus should be on that light which motivates service, love and building up of the church, others, and self. Repentance is key to that light, but doomsaying is not. Daily repentance is what the Lord has intended for us to use the atonement to its fullest. Preaching doomsday with a black cloud hovering above us is not the testimony of Christ. If we believe in revelation, individual revelation, then we respect your individual revelation for you and for your family. We are entitled to OUR OWN personal revelation which is for US. Do what you feel has been revealed to you for you and your family and allow all men that same privilege. Much love for taking us beyond our vision of daily scripture reading. It does drive us to read the scriptures more. Mahalo, Mom

My reply is tied to the bolded topics from Mom’s comments above. I am specifically addressing the accusations of: Patriarchal and general assumptions, manipulating the use of scriptures to get my way, having been influenced by people that I have taken the time to study, judging the church as a whole, only seeing the negative, and not allowing you to choose. These are not opinions, they are facts, as they are quoted from comments made here, and in the past. So here is my response:

Your definition of Patriarch is a webster version. The Patriarchal Order, however is something completely different than your webster definition. Knowing what that means requires you to read your scriptures on the subject. I dare you!

I have nothing to prove. I have only the desires to persuade all those that I love to read the scriptures. I make the observations that I do, merely to show you folks that your traditions don’t hold water when it comes to the words of Christ, so that you might find enough fire to seek them out yourself, and begin to have conversations to know what they are saying.

It’s easy for someone to point out mistakes. And that may very well be negative. However, I am not merely pointing out mistakes. My emphasis is on what the scriptures say instead. I have some light to fill the vacant lot, so that we can begin to be filled with light. My intention is replacing the light that has gone missing all our lives. But, since it is not in you, you think that shedding light on the darkness is offensive. Rather than focusing on the darkness being revealed, why won’t you receive the light being offered?


I don’t have a target on the church. I am done with the church. Focusing my energies at the church is a waste of time. My focus is on the words of Christ. But you think that the words of Christ is smooth, soft, gentle, easy to receive, and will fit nicely with the life you are already leading. In your words, “NOT SO!”


God shows men their weakness when they come to him. Men are often humbled when they come to God. I can’t think of one person in ancient history who came to the words of Christ with ease. It was never an easy task, and it always requires great faith. If it were so easy as to just plug along doing the same thing, but never getting there, we would never get there.


Repentance is change. Change is difficult when you think you don’t need it. So, I can understand why you think that I am targeting the church. It’s because you don’t want to change. I value agency, so you do as you please, defending your choice to resist repentance.

You have gotten me in trouble with Dad by misrepresenting my message as doomsaying. The message I have is hope in the only one who can offer hope, Christ. Daily repentance is not possible without the words of Christ pointing you to where you need to be. That is what I offer, the words of Christ so that daily repentance is possible. If you don’t know what’s right, than how do you know what to fix?


You keep thinking that I want you to follow me and my revelation. Recently, my wife and I had opposing revelation. I believe both were from God. She did as she was guided, and I did as I was guided. In the end, both of us found ourselves in the same place because what she needed she got, and what I needed I got. Both were edified. So your accusation that I need you to follow my revelation holds no water. It is a broken cistern, and your argument falls to the ground like dead weight.


I am grateful that you have been driven to read the scriptures. That is my only objective!

Conclusion: As this is a response to the Patriarchal Order, it doesn’t take much research on Google to learn that the position of Presiding Patriarch in the church has been abolished. The Patriarchal Order is out of order. The position was held in the bloodline of Father Smith for five generations, and was changed to emeritus status in Oct 1979, and abolished with the death of Eldred Smith in April 2013. Signs have been available for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. But they require the knowledge of the patterns of the heaven, through the words of Christ.

Long before I studied the materials of other people, I desperately sought life answers in the scriptures, because church leaders, LDS family services, and all other church venues had nothing to offer to recover and preserve my family. But I had faith in Christ and His gospel, so I turned there. All of you recommended that I pack up and move on, but I followed the voice of God and went to the scriptures for my solution instead. That produced questions within me, based only on the scriptures, and not some foreign influencer. I received answers to those questions through the scriptures and personal revelation. When I finally had answers given to me by scripture and revelation, only then was I given a book of an author, concerning coming into the presence of Christ in the flesh, which confirmed my studies (not influenced my studies, but confirmed what was already there). The author of that book is Denver Snuffer.

Since then, I have taken to study Egyptian Papyri, Greek, Latin, Ancient Hebrew traditions, Ancient Christianity, The Patriarchal writings from Adam to Noah, the apostasy from Melchizedek to Abraham’s restoration, the records of Joseph and Aseneth, the apocryphal writings, the dead sea scrolls, portions of the patrilogia (an ancient record), and the book of Enoch. I have spent an incredible amount of money to buy the books, I have read them over and over again, I have marked them up and kept the notes in separate journals, all while reading my scriptures. It has been over ten years of focused study on the words of Chrsit, and over five years of intense study on topics relating to the origins, history, and influencers on the words of Christ. And you think that I’m simply making assumptions?

You see value in an academic Medical degree, where current practices rule, influence, and govern the medical student, but cast out my labors in the word? Hmmm. Rather than discount me, why don’t you give me a little consideration?

You all have to choose. Agency is a gift, and that automatically requires that you choose (or judge) the matter. Choice is necessarily judgement! I am here to get you. You can choose to disregard what I say, which all of you are currently doing. Or you can choose to receive the truth being offered and ask God if they are true. If you are sincere, God will reveal the truth of it unto you by the power of the Holy Ghost (Moroni 10:4). The problem with your ability to receive is all the false traditions that occupy the space where truth is supposed to go. That is were repentance is required to remove that false traditions of unbelief, to make room for the truth.

My records on this blog is kept of all the attempts I have earnestly made to recover my family. It can stand as a witness for you, or a record of your hardness. Whatever the case, it will stand the test of time.


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