Weak Things Strong (331 Words Short)

In order to be persuaded, you must be in a position of humility. If men come to God, God shows them their weakness. And, …it is “God’s grace” that is sufficient to make Weak Things Strong. Moroni teaches how “God’s grace” makes Weak Things Strong:

Ether 12:27

“27. And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.

Here is the order:

  1. Be Humble– You can choose to be humble through the words of Christ, or you can be humbled by some other way, both position you in a humbling situation
  2. Humble before God– Moroni is identifying where you turn, rather than the condition you are in
  3. Have Faith in God– Faith describes THE WORK of “knowing God.” It describes how well you are able to be instructed, to be trained, …to submit to all things the Father will inflict upon you. THIS IS THE WORK!
  4. Weak Things Strong– God does the changing in you, the transition from weak to strong, the making of a new creature in Christ, by the offering and receiving of furthering light and knowledge

Conclusion: The atonement of Christ has been reduced by men to some kind of cleaning agent. Cleaning up the mess doesn’t fix the problem. The atonement is HOW God makes Weak Things Strong. By overcoming the world through the atonement, Christ descending below ALL and rose ABOVE ALL. Only Christ has the knowledge bank for all to make Weak Things Strong. It can only happen by accessing the atonement. No man, not even a prophet, can provide that for you; only Christ can do that. Our message must always be: “Come unto Christ, and He will make Weak Things Strong.”


2 thoughts on “Weak Things Strong (331 Words Short)

  1. It’s funny how I can follow my inner self into a pit (a pit of ignorance) I would NEVER do such a thing!!!
    But hey there has to be opposition in all things I guess?
    It’s pretty cool how the most high works, it’s almost like he’s putting you rock bottom to the point where you could reach up and touch rock bottom LOL..
    Im out “fishing” now for more truth that history has to offer. I cant remain idle in a so called religion, because that will only make me recognize “weak” things.
    I’ll play the game that ive come to know now but my heart does not belong to it. I’ve come to know that covenants are only made by the most high “if” you are that one that he has ordained as a foreman for the people wich is why I’m significantly fishing for truth in this ocean of sin (no I’m not going Catholic either).
    So much to learn still yet. The books we got are only pointing out how to go about NOT “ALL WE NEED TO KNOW” .
    WEAK THINGS STRONG garans ba barrens!

    • None of this can be simulated. Your training is custom fit for you. I would never want to be you. You ought never to want to be me or anyone else. As you go through this rough patch, seek Christ’s training. It will fit you perfect skinny lion!

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