Symbolism Unrecognized (1011 Words)

Within the scriptures are Symbolism Unrecognized.

Lately, the story of Ammon at the waters of Sebus, keeps coming to mind as Symbolism Unrecognized. The story is the stuff of Mormon bed-time fame. So most of you remember the key parts, leading up to Ammon cutting-off the arms of the Lamanites scattering the flocks. It seems to fit in with Pirate Tales, Giant Slaying, and King Arthur killing dragons with excalibur. But, the story almost distracts from the the deeper symbolism being conveyed. Looking closer, there’s a message for us in the latter-day, concerning Zion.

I’ll quickly summarize the story, highlighting certain aspects, and get to the point. Take notice of the highlighted sections, and see if you can see the Symbolism that has gone Unrecognized.

Story Summary: Ammon is assigned to watch The King’s Flocks. He works with other servants of the king, and brings the sheep to The Waters of Sebus, to drink. At the waters of Sebus, Thieves come and scatter the flocks of the king, hoping to steal some for their own purposes. Ammon, seeing the servants crying for fear of being killed by the king, surrounds The Scattered Flocks, and Gathers them into one. Once the flocks are gathered, the thieves try scattering them once more. Ammon, exercising The Power of God, cuts-off The Arms of the thieves. Ammon returns to the king’s stables, to prepare the king’s Horse & Chariot, for the king to attend His Father’s Feast. That’s enough of a summary to give you an idea of Symbolism Unrecognized.

If you haven’t caught on to the Symbolism, I’ll explain each symbol:

  • Ammon- He is an anointed servant of the Lord. His father, King Mosiah, was a covenanted King in the heavens. Ammon’s protection was the covenant given to him and his father, Mosiah. He is what the Greek would call “Apostollos” or “one who is sent.”
  • The King’s Flocks- This echo’s back to Christ’s words in the book of John, when he said, “His sheep hear His voice.” Christ testified that He would send servants (Ammon) to protect His sheep. Christ is the real king, of whom we are His flocks, if we know Him.
  • The Thieves- These are the institutions who use ignorance and seek to oppress and take into captivity and bondage the children of Christ to profit off of devouring the life of the sheep. Busy, busy, busy, is their tactic to enslave and fatten their bellies.
  • Sebus- The word in semitic translates, “to gather/assemble people.” In Egyptian it is, “a lake of initiation.” (Etymology of Sebus from Harold B. Lee Library) The waters of Sebus is the destination Ammon took the king’s sheep (or the Lord’s people), to be gathered, and to be initiated.
  • To Drink- A type of Christ, the waters of life, the fountain of pure water, etc.
  • Gathering the Scattered- This is the prophecy of our day, that when the Gentiles reject the fulness, then will the remnant of Jacob be gathered to become a lion amongst the beast of the forest (3 Nephi 16)
  • The Power of God- The priesthood, given to man, by the mouth of God (not by father, or mother, or by blood, but by God). It is the sword of God.
  • The Arms- Within the right arm, raised to the square, is the entire plan of salvation conveyed. It follows the pattern of the three facsimile’s of Abraham: fac#1: the sacrifice of all things laid down (upper arm parallel to the earth), fac#2: the ascension (the forearm perpendicular to the earth), fac#3: and the coronation of the king (the hand, with fingers close together, and thumb extended, forms the image of a crown- props to our little bro. Kaena for this one)
  • Arms Cut-Off- Ammon, acting as a servant, condemns the thieves by cutting off their salvation (symbolized in their arms). They will not ascend to be coronated on the throne of God, because their arms were cut off. Their sacrifice was unaccepted, like Cain. They cannot ascend. And they will not be coronated in the Kingdom of God.
  • Horse & Chariot- These are well known in ancient cultures as the vehicle of the fiery ascent. Elijah ascended on a fiery chariot. Ammon, acting as a servant to the Lord prepares the vehicle of ascent for King Lamoni.
  • The Father’s Feast- The wedding feast is where a King is anointed and crowned.

The Point: Beyond the story is an invitation to Zion. Israel has been scattered, and is NOW being gathered by an Ammon figure. In the effort of gathering, thieves have exercised their authority unrighteously, and their arms have been cut-off, leaving them with no priesthood authority. Zion cannot be overtaken once they are gathered. That is why the only safety will be in Zion. Those who belong to Zion access the ascension with horses and chariots, to join the wedding feast of the Father, just as King Lamoni did.

Conclusion: Recently, a friend of mine expressed his concern about my standing “in the church.” He was kind enough to reach out, share with me some scriptures about the need for tithing to be paid to the priest, and to bear testimony that I’m off the beaten path (in a nice way). He explained his testimony was as simple as the 2,000 stripling warriors, “they never doubted, their mother’s knew it,” is what my friend quoted.

Simple? Did he not read that their father’s were massacred, in the name of a covenant? Did he not see that the covenant was initiated by King Lamoni’s ascent into the heavens? The Symbolism Unrecognized caused my friend to underestimate the work required of us NOW, reducing that covenant to describing it as “simple,” and being satisfied to give his tithes to the priest in office, while ignoring the necessity for us to lift the poor among us, and ascend. In ignorance, we find complacency, lulling ourselves to sleep, saying, “All is well in Zion, behold all is well.” Thus, the deceiver adds more flaxen chord, and binds us, as if chained, to hell.

Open your eyes, awake, and arise!


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