Cutting-Off (199 Words-Short)


This image illustrates that ONE-ARM, raised to the square, conveys the entirety of the plan of salvation. Fac #1 is the offering of the flesh as a sacrifice. Fac #2 is ascension. And Fac#3 is the coronation, or the crowning of the King. The penalty for breaking this covenant is the Cutting-Off.

Ammon Cutting-Off Arms expresses the cutting-off of an individual’s “Salvation” covenant.  Likewise, David Cutting-Off the head of Goliath, or Nephi Cutting-Off the head of Laban also indicated Cutting-Off from God.

When priesthood is lost, you are being Cut-Off. Adam & Eve were cast out of the garden of Eden, and were Cut-Off from the presence of God. Spiritual death is being Cut-Off from God’s presence. These all point to the symbol of the Arm to the square as much more than we understood in the past.

When Christ redeems from the fall, he reconnects men who have been Cut-Off, making them clean, and bringing them back into the presence of Christ. Ascension is not only necessary, but it is instructed of all who would belong to God, and who would be a god.

Conclusion: This is such a simple concept, that I’ll leave you to examine the picture more closely.


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