The Path (737)


The Path is ascension. It keeps being offered, but then rejected. When will we learn our lesson?

We all know the story of Moses floating down the river in a basket. He was raised as Egyptian royalty under the rule of the Pharaoh of Egypt. At the age of forty, Moses barely escaped Egypt with his life, finding himself at a well in Midian, by the daughters of Jethro. Moses repented and was brought back into the presence of the Lord. At the age of eighty (40 years after leaving Egypt), Moses was called upon by God to free the entire House of Israel from the bondage and captivity of Egypt, as he was freed. He rescued them by persuading the Pharaoh with miracles. But it wasn’t until Pharaoh’s first born was killed by the angel of death, “passing over” the House of Israel, that he permitted Israel’s departure. The waters of chaos was cleared as the Red Sea parted, allowing the safe passage, to a new life with God. However, unlike Moses, the House of Israel refused to repent, awake, and arise, returning back into the presence of the Lord. They rejected ascension, and was required to wander in the wilderness another 40 years, before Moses was taken by the hand of God. The House of Israel lost their opportunity to ascend.

Ascension continued to be offered, in the symbolic form of the tabernacle. The tabernacle was positioned facing the east, and the traveler would journey from the east towards the west, following The Path of the sun. The sacrificial animal was a symbolic representation of the individual who brought the offering. The individual placed himself on the altar, using the substitute offering, representing the individual covenanting to lay his life on the altar. The offering was washed and pronounced clean in the court yard, before going into the Holy Place. Sacrament was taken within the Holy Place, to sanctify the offerer, changing it from a clean animal, into a man. This was represented by the changing of the robes, from earth colored robes to white robes, symbolizing sanctification and purity. Having been washed clean, and made pure through the process of sanctification, the animal became a man, prepared to enter into the presence of the Lord by traveling through the veil, into the Holy of Holies. That is The Path of the sun. It is also The Path of the Son. The Path of ascension is an invitation for all men to return into the presence of the Lord in the flesh.

You would think that we would learn our lesson, since Moses’ story is so well known. Nope! The early saints were instructed to build the Nauvoo temple, in sufficient time. Christ promised that if they succeeded, He would come into it and give them higher ordinances. But if they didn’t, they would suffer plagues and being scattered, …and that is precisely what happened. They had a legitimate opportunity. They had the material and the labor, but they sought after the things of the world, disregarding the need to be sanctified by the finishing of the temple. The Mountain of the Lord was rejected, the Tabernacle was rejected, and the Temple was rejected. When will we ever learn?

Conclusion: I am involved in the effort to raise money for the building of a temple. I have consecrated my time, talents, and everything I have towards that effort. However, when I relate my efforts to you, you consider me an apostate. Even though you have a temple, you fail to take advantage of attending and learning what it is communicating. If you did, you would see this pattern of The Path being rejected by the House of Israel, by the early saints at Nauvoo, and by you. Closing your eyes will not make it go away.

Rather than following the pattern of those remaining unredeemed, and cut-off from the Lord’s presence, …instead: repent, awake, and arise! Instead of claiming my scriptures as uninspired, go ahead and seriously read your own for a change. Rather than expressing concern about my temple efforts, try attending your own temple weekly, or bi-weekly, rather than bi-annually, or every other year (oh, and stay awake for a change). It was through the study of your scripture, and the attendance of your temple, that I recognized The Path of ascension. It has always been the doctrine of Christ since the time of Adam.




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