The True Vine (548 Words Short)


Being connected to The True Vine is what produces fruit. The quality of fruit requires offensive pruning. All who produce sweet fruit will be nourished, pruned, and preserved by God.

The Vine: Christ has said that He is the true vine; which means He is the head of the family of God. God the Father is the husbandman over His family; or in other words He is the cultivator, or the farmer, of the vineyard. Those who are connected to Christ are the branch. (Side note: Anciently, there was no difference between an orchard or a vineyard. Both were referred to as a vineyard.)

The Branch: You have the opportunity to be a Branch. Every branch connected to the vine (Christ) must produce fruit. If it does not produce fruit, the branch is “cut-off.” (Side note: Anciently, being “cut-off” was a penalty). But don’t think that just because you produce fruit, that you are acceptable to God. Every branch that produces fruit will be pruned back, …to be able to produce BETTER fruit.

Stay Connected: Christ advises all who will be His branch to stay connected to Him. By staying connected to Christ, you become a part of the heavenly family. Christ promises all who are connected and part of His family that He will personally nourish you. An unconnected branch cannot produce fruit, unless it’s connected to the vine. Just as well, you cannot bear fruit unless you are connected to Christ. If you are connected to Christ, and Christ is connected to you, Christ promises that you will be abundantly fruitful. Those without a connection to Christ will perish.

“If a man looses connection to me, he is merely a withered branch. And men take the withered branches, cut them away, and burn them. If you stay connected to me and my words live in you, you will ask according to my will, and you will be given the ability to accomplish my will.”

Those who produce abundant fruit will please God the Father, and prove to all others, vindicating God’s word. Producing fruit and vindicating God’s words are proof that you follow Christ.

The Husbandman: God the Father loved Christ, and Christ’s connection to the Father produced fruit abundantly. Likewise, Christ loves His branches, as God the Father loved Him, and desires that we too produce fruit abundantly. If we practice Christ’s teachings we will always maintain connection to Christ, just as Christ has kept the Father’s teachings and has remained connected to the Father.

Conclusion: My message is for you to read the words of Christ, to establish a connection to the true vine. That is how the natural branches of the olive tree are grafted into the original tree. Staying connected to the vine is the graft taking hold of the moisture from the roots of the vine. That is the only way for a branch to produce fruit, to have their fruit preserved by God.

Study the words of Christ, so that the graft takes hold, by re-establishing your connection to Christ. Nourish that connection with Christ by receiving moisture from the roots. Produce fruit, and allow God’s offensive pruning, so that you can produce even better fruit. I offer you a drink from the living waters, in the words of Christ.


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