The Diabetic Parable (1018 Words)

Type I Diabetes is an autoimmune disease. Casting good people out from among you, is another form of autoimmune disease, that currently plagues the church. My experience tells me that you are good cells, and for that reason I will not cast you out. But that won’t stop you from casting me, or one another out. Proper use of agency will prevent our families decay from spiritual Diabetes.

I believe that diseases exist to teach us about heaven. Our family has struggled with Diabetes, so I’ll relate what I think it conveys. I call this The Diabetic Parable. Diabetes is an autoimmune disease, where the body detects healthy cells as some foreign bacteria. The body attacks the good cell, drastically damaging good cells, until the good cells fail to function. The job of the good cell goes undone. For diabetics, the pancreas doesn’t produce insulin, so all the digested food gets stuck in the blood stream, and never feeds the body. Without insulin, a diabetic can eat all they like, and still starve to death, as the food can never escape the blood stream to feed the body. In order to remedy the problem, Diabetics must inject themselves with a synthetic insulin, so their bodies don’t starve to death. It’s a nightmare.

Casting good people out from among you, is another form of autoimmune disease, that currently plagues the church. My wife and I were star players in church. We filled our callings with precision. We volunteered to help others fulfill their’s too. We studied the scriptures, participated in class, sustained the leaders, attended activities, stayed to clean up afterwards, and cleaned the church on Saturday’s. When General Conference came around I treated it like Super Bowl Sunday, buying snacks, chips, and dip, so that my children would celebrate Conference. I not only stayed awake, I took detailed notes, re-recorded the notes in my journal, and re-played the conference to fill in the gaps of my notes, so my notes were accurate. I respected the church in public and in private. Despite our fully active Mormon life style, the Bishop pointed blame in our direction, because of his own insecurities. He acquired an autoimmune disease attribute, and cast out healthy cells, assuming that we were foreign bacteria. In the absence of healthy cells, the church must rely upon synthetic solutions, like sales pitches, marketing efforts, and feel-good messages, …rather than curing the disease. As more and more healthy cells are cast-out, the church will suffer plagues and diseases, which slowly hollows out the body, until it dies.

My experience tells me that you, my family, are good cells, and for that reason I will never cast you out, but will wait until you awaken and arise. I have been addressing you for eleven years now. The first three years you were angry with me. The next three years I was the brunt of your jokes. But the last five years, I have noticed you wrestling with the truths you have discovered. I have worked with you as we discussed working for the benefit of other people. I have witnessed your selfless service, without recognition. Even through the trauma of life’s difficulties, our family has remained vigilant and dedicated to oneness. There is no way I will detect any one of you as a foreign bacteria.

But that won’t stop you from casting me out. You have the freedom to exercise agency and reject my message. You can choose to turn a blind eye, or shut your ears at what I say. That won’t make it less true. It will only identify you as casting me out, because you don’t value me enough to consider my words as true. It is the same as casting me out and considering me as naught. Despite what the rest of the church considers me, I hope that you will see me as harmless as a dove, and (in your privacy) prayerfully consider what I am saying. Read the scriptures that I quote, and value those words as I know you value me.

Once Zion is established, each new individual added to the mix will seem like a virus at first. The body of Zion will undergo shock, initially. Everyone will change as new people enter in, to once again establish peace. Likewise, in our family, each new addition of nephews, nieces, grand children, and great grandchildren, puts the entire family in shock at times, initially. All of us will be required to change. If we are founded upon the words of Christ, that change will produce greater love and peace, making our family more and more one heart and one mind. Proper use of agency will prevent our families decay from spiritual Diabetes.

Conclusion: I have prayed that our family would choose to read the words of Christ. God has given us two options: We can either learn by obedience to the laws of heaven, …Or we can learn from sad experience. At first, learning by obedience to the laws of heaven seems difficult and time consuming, with little to show for it. However, when we suffer learning from sad experience, it is quite evident that obedience to the laws of heaven was far less painful, and much more rewarding.

“I” have learned from many sad experiences, as I have led “MY” family to the brink of destruction. However, I have made a significant change, to take the road less traveled, to write the words of Christ upon my heart. I have replaced my aspirations and setting my heart upon the things of the world, in exchange for the words of Christ. And the road less traveled has made all the difference. I am crying from the wilderness to you, to repent and take the words of Christ seriously. I challenge you to exercise your agency, write the words of Christ upon your hearts, learn from obedience and not from sad experience. You will not regret doing so. However, I covenant to you that failing to do so will produce regret and difficult lessons of sad experience. My prayers are with you.


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