The New Name: DAVID!!!!!!!!

The following is a direct quote:

Revelation given to Denver Snuffer, Jr, 10 September, 2011.

On the 10 th day of September, 2011 the word of the Lord said to me, You shall no longer be called Denver, but your name shall be called David. I was startled to hear this, and it troubled me. I regarded David as an adulterer and a murderer, who killed Uriah to hide his adultery. In response to Nathan’s parable of the rich man who took the poor man’s lamb in 2 Samuel, Chapter 12, David condemned himself to die for his sin. If David considered himself worthy to die, then should I not also condemn David? The more I reflected on this, the more troubled I became. I asked God to give to me another name, not the unwanted David.

For a day and a half my distress grew, and I prayed repeatedly to have the name changed. I feared it memorialized and perhaps also foreshadowed failure and rebellion. I did not want to have the Lord view me as either rebellious or a failure. I thought the name was detestable, the name of a bloody man who was unfit to build the Lord’s house, whose family was torn apart by infighting. After a day and a half of prayer asking to change the name, the Lord answered in a perfectly mild voice saying, I thought it no great insult to be called the Son of David.

His gentle response cut my heart and made me ashamed. I learned David means: Beloved of God. This made me all the more embarrassed at how meanly I had reacted and spoken to the Lord about His gift to me. Instead of thinking it an unworthy name, I concluded I was unworthy of His gift. I asked Him to forgive me and He frankly did so. I am an ignorant and prideful man.

I expected to keep this private, and after doing so for six years, I have been commanded to make this known.

Conclusion: Denver Snuffer has declared in this statement that he was given a new name by Christ, and that name is David. The Davidic servant has made himself known. Can you here the voice of the Lord enough to divine an answer confirming or denying this claim, sufficient to stake your salvation your discernment?

I will be speaking at the Doctrine of Christ conference with this David, today, 18 March 2017. My wife and I will speak as the opening speakers at 1PM, at the Dixie State Cox Auditorium. I invite all reading here to come and hear the voice of the Davidic Servant, a true servant of God, who instructs all who are willing to see and hear, how to return to the presence of the Lord. Even if it is simply to decide for yourself, with your own ears if it is true.


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