Chiasm of Messiah/Elijah/Elias (775 Words)

As this world is a fallen world, It must be returned to it’s paradisiacal glory, and Christ is the redeemer to do it. From the beginning the pattern has been established, and then has fallen into decay, apostasy and disrepair. In preparation for the earth’s return, the Chiasm of Messiah/Elijah/Elias must return in reverse order.

Adam came from the garden of Eden, where he was in the presence of the Messiah. Upon partaking of the fruit, Adam was cast out of the garden. However, there wasn’t a veil placed over Adam, as he remembered and continued communicating with the the Father and the Son, and they with him. When praying, Adam faced the garden of Eden (despite the latest LDS temple depiction, where Adam’s back is toward the garden of Eden). With Adam came the Spirit of Messiah.

As things fall into decay, because men fail to make and keep covenants, Enoch finds himself between a rock and a hard place, preaching repentance to a wicked and perverse people. They described Enoch as a “wild man.” However, there were a few who heeded his cry to repent, and they repented, and were taken up in a fiery ascent. The fiery ascent is called the Spirit of Elijah. The prophet Elijah came much later, after the ascension of the city of Enoch; but Elijah’s fiery ascent emphasizes the connection. Central to the Book of Enoch is the temple. Thus, a temple that is connected to heaven is central to the Spirit of Elijah.

Once the city of Enoch was taken up, the righteous were reduced to Noah and his family, which required a flood to cleanse the earth. Noah and his family were preserved in the ark, until the flood subsided. It was through Noah that the words of Christ continued forward, to preach repentance, in the Spirit of Elias. It was in the Spirit of Elias that Noah (Gabriel) came to Mary, the mother of Jesus, to announce the coming of Christ.

Joseph Smith’s works are a sign of the return of the Spirit of Elias. John the Baptist was the forerunner of Christ, and was called Elias on the mount of transfiguration. And he appeared to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery. The records of the Book of Mormon, Moses, and Abraham were restored, along with a retranslated version of the Old and New Testament by Joseph Smith, so that all would have sufficient record to repent. However, these records have greatly ignored, some have been tossed aside like rubbish, others have been manipulated to fit an institutional mentality, and few have ever taken them seriously, to live by every word of those records. For this, the church has quickly fallen into condemnation, and their forward progression has come to a halt.

In order for us to prepare for the return of the Messiah, we have got to rise up by preserving what Joseph Smith has restored, and be accountable to THAT law, in it’s original form. When there is a people who live by that law, the Spirit of Elijah will have been restored. The early saints failed to do it, and we are left to complete that work.

Once we have lived the law that was given by God, in scripture, only then can there be a temple established again, to restore the Spirit of Elijah. This is the necessary preparation for the city of Enoch to return. The fiery ascent, rather than a city that rises up, will be a city prepared for the return of the city of Enoch. Elijah will open the corridor from the heaven, and John the Beloved will open it from the earth. The work to prepare a people to be connected to heaven is our responsibility. If it isn’t done, when the city of Enoch returns, the whole earth will be utterly wasted, for they that come will burn them.

When the temple is once again connected to the heavens, and the city of Enoch returns, Zion will be established, unable to be removed by man. Finally, there will be a place for the return of the Spirit of Messiah. Among them will be the presence of Messiah. All will be restored as at first, and Christ will have redeemed all of the creation from the fall. Those who survive that coming will be the few who are preserved within Christ. The rest of the earth will suffer a burning, as the Lord is unveiled. The word Apocalypse simply means “to unveil.” The unveiling for those who are prepared is a blessing of life. For those who are not prepared, the unveiling will be terrible.

Conclusion: The Restoration Scriptures was just released for purchase online at In these three volumes you will find the most accurate accounts of the Bible, Book of Mormon, and the revelations given by Joseph Smith and others in the Doctrine & Covenants (including the lectures on faith as it originally was located). The Pearls of Great Price has changed to include current revelations, and left as an open cannon for more revelation.

In 2 September 2017 another conference will be held in Boise, Idaho for all who desire to sustain that record as the law they will live by, and be held accountable to. This will be tested by God, as all must be proven by the law that they sustain. The early saints failed to live the law that they sustained, and suffered a condemnation. Likewise, all who sustain a law, and fail to abide by it will suffer condemnation. Including the constitution that the United States of America has abandoned. Perhaps, when there is a renewal of the law, that aligns with the laws of heaven, there can finally be a people who are of one heart and one mind.

Our family has raised our arms to the square, claiming that the Halai St house was for “ONE.” Perhaps we can do a better job at being “ONE” when we have the same law written upon our hearts. What you think?


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