Part 2: Rob’s Starting His Own Church? (1138 Words)

The church of Christ was intended to become the family of God. However, centralizing power requires compulsion, destroys equality, resulting in apostasy. To escape the condemnation of apostasy requires a return to the covenant, to become the family and church of God.

The church of Christ was intended to become the family of God, once the people received, accepted, and lived according to the covenant within the words of Christ. The wicked can kill the wicked. The wicked can even kill the righteous. But, once a people have the fulness, and belong to Zion, the wicked cannot kill Zion. Zion is the family of God, and He is the father of that family, and God will protect them …AT ALL COSTS.

The church was intended to produce the family of God. The first presidency representing Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, …who represent the family of God. The quorum of the 12, reflected back to the twelve tribes of Israel, …who represent the family of God. The quorum of the 70 is a reminder of the 70 family members of Israel who entered into Egypt, to be saved by Joseph of Egypt, …again, …who represent the family of God. When Joseph Smith distributed power, he set quorums equal in authority, indicating that the saints ought to act like …the family of God, by treating everyone with equality, …and not one above the next. Therefore, one quorum was equal in authority to the other. Before Joseph and Hyrum died, it was true from the first presidency, right down to the stake presidency and their high councils (D&C 107).

However,  after Joseph and Hyrum’s death, power was centralized, resulting in the use of compulsion and unrighteous dominion to justify and enforce a “corporate business model,” …rather than the intended “family of God.” Centralizing power requires compulsion, destroys equality, resulting in apostasy. Soon after Joseph and Hyrum’s death, the apostles broke from Joseph’s design of equality, where quorums were equal in power. They centralized the power to the quorum of the 12, …where the president of that quorum would automatically become the next president of the church. As the church grew in popularity, centralized power became equivalent to corporate status. Greater offices of status were associated with greater centralized power. “Counting Keys” is how status in the church is marketed to the membership. Those with the most “Keys” have the most power. That power has been abused as the corporation gets wealthy, while the saints cannot produce “No Poor Among Them.” Now, an office, holding “Keys,” matters more than “personally knowing God.”

Today, the church has transitioned into a massive corporation, registered by the government as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, full of compulsion, unequally distributed in power, exercising unrighteous dominion, and in a state of apostasy. It no longer represents the family of God, and instead reflects the image of a whore, who has sold her tokens for money. The church currently negotiates moral standards against political pressures (polygamy, prohibition, civil rights, and gay rights), just like a business corporation. We often call ourselves a “ward-family,” but it is a far cry from being a family when you are “assigned” to care for one another, …and even fail at keeping that assignment. We are a corporate institute, seeking to remove the discretion (agency) of the individual, in exchange for a pre-packaged, manufactured, production-line “BRICK.” Rather than building altars made of individually, unique stones, …we have used compulsion to grind people down into clay particles, and hardened them to our dimensional specifications, to build “BRICK” church buildings, that go unused for 90% of the week. The trade-off for corporatizing the family of God into a “BRICK” machine is apostasy. In ancient language, this was the same as “whoring.” In this condition, there is no possible way to claim being the family of God, let alone the church of Christ.

Religion and Spirituality often get confused as being the same, but they are not. You can be religious, following all the tenets of a religion, attending meetings, paying tithing, performing ordinances, doing home teaching, etc. and yet, not have a connection to God. Brigham Young confessed to that. Likewise, you can have a personal relationship with Christ, but not be religious. Christ rejected the religiousness of the Jews, proving the point that Religion and Spirituality are not the same.

To escape the condemnation of apostasy requires a return to the covenant, to become the family and the church of God. In opposition to a corporation mentality, the church of God depends solely on a covenant mentality. For this purpose the words of Christ are central to the church of God. We are being invited to belong to the church of the firstborn, the church of God, the family of God, …even Zion. It requires that you receive, accept, and live the covenant of the words of Christ. The only sign that expresses faith in the covenant of the words of Christ is baptism.

Conclusion: I am Not Starting My Own Church. However, I have been cast-out of YOUR church, …for repenting and keeping the new covenant, even the Book of Mormon, and the other commandments that God has given, not only to SAY, but TO DO accordingly. If I am cast-out for keeping the covenant, …then I will be united with people who respect the words of Christ, to be held accountable to it. God promised to make them His, and He will give them a land of inheritance for keeping that covenant. Keeping covenants is my sole objective.

I have begun to collect funds so that a temple can be built on a land of inheritance. When the covenant of the Earth is combined with the covenant of the Heaven, …only then is there a fulness. The land of inheritance is the promise of the covenant of the Earth. A temple, when it is connected to the heavens, will offer the covenant of the Heavens. I am now certain that the ordinances performed in the LDS temple, while it is very instructive, has strayed from the proper order, and does not offer the covenant of the Heaven. None have been sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise in that temple, because of the changes that removed penalties, done in 1990. God’s word, once it has been changed, is no longer God’s word anymore. The changes in the temple and the ignorance of the words of Christ combine against the LDS church as a complete condemnation. Rather than providing a restoration of the fulness of God, the church has managed to obtain a fulness of God’s condemnation.

I do not seek recognition, ambition, or compulsory power. I seek to be equal with you. I seek to be one with you. There is no other way that we can truly become one, except for us to be one upon the words of Christ.


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