Part 3: Rob’s Starting His Own Church? (1000)

Yesterday, I hit a soft spot with all of you, because I asked that you read the scriptures, live the covenant, and be one. You bore your testimony that the church is true, and that you follow a prophet (Reminder: General Conference is this weekend). I propose that we can have Zion, among us, if we would not only say what we believed, but lived like we say we believe.

I sent a mass text yesterday, intended to target the same audience that this blog was intended for. I have flown home to speak to you in person about the scriptures, and you have found offense in my words, so that you avoid conversing with me. I have called on the telephone, so that my presence is withdrawn, my conversation is minimized, and you have the freedom to hang up. Some of you have. I have taken another step back, by writing this blog, so that when you are in the right frame of mind, you can choose to read what I said or not. I will never know if you’ve read, or not, and you will not feel pressured to respond. By your responses, it’s obvious that most of you have cast what I have written aside, considering it of no worth to you. I thought that I was taking a further step back, minimizing my message to a text. But, the world now has a texting-culture, and everyone pays attention to it. I asked you to read the scriptures, and take that covenant as your law, so that our family can be ONE. Your response was revealing.

One of you asked me to stop sending that crap. Another testified to me that when they were eight years old, they knew enough to be baptized, and that was the choice they would maintain. Others all bore testimony that they belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and that they follow the prophet. And yet, another said, “We’re ok.” But the common message that I chose to hear, was how each of you, at the end of your comments confessed, “Rob, I still love you.” It reminded me of the line from dumb and dumber, where he asks a woman what his chances are with her, “One out of ten, or one out of a hundred?” She responded, “…More like one out of a million.” When I hear you say “I still love you,” I choose to respond as he did, “…So you’re saying I got a chance!” So, since you’ve given me a slight chance, I’ll share some light on the subject of the enormous failure of the LDS model, …by explaining what it ought to be instead. PS: Nobody needs to quit the church and follow Denver “Sniffer,” as some of you call him.

If we assume for a minute that the way the church is being operated is a failure, then the logical question is, “…Then what?” The description of Zion is one heart and one mind, so how is that produced? By establishing an ideal, and letting the people govern themselves. We are so engulfed in the corporate mentality, that we cannot recognize that the corporate mentality “IS” the large and spacious building (Ephesians 6:12). Let’s take a look at the benefits of a people governed by the covenant, in scripture, instead.

A covenant depends on “an idea,” to govern. An idea cannot be taxed, it cannot be controlled, it cannot be forced, and …it is free to grow as intelligence grows. When a good idea is proposed, it is the truth in the idea that draws your attention, not the regulation board that enforces your compliance. In a community where ideas are free to continually improve, God can lead and direct those ideas, producing a garden of Eden, where growth happens spontaneously. It is the spontaneous appearance of fruit that makes you realize, “Why the hell would I ever go back to the corporate slavery model?” It is upon the covenant and law offered in the scriptures that begin the uniting of hearts and minds, while harnessing freedom of thought and action, to produce ZION. It is a community where everyone enjoys work. The more intelligence you acquire, the more you want to work. Those with greatest intelligence, work MORE. Our family would fit right in, because WE LOVE TO WORK! In Zion, there is no poor, and you have more time to commune with God. That is why Enoch walked with God for 360 years, before his city ascended. We too have the potential to ascend, if we choose to read the scriptures, live that law, and be ONE.

Conclusion: I know I’m pissing some of you off. I wouldn’t poke the bear, unless it was necessary, as massive destruction lies ahead. I would yank your children off the street, quickly and harshly, if I saw the eminent danger of a speeding car coming down the road. I have maintained a respectful distance all this time, but what lies ahead requires that I respond quickly, and it might even seem “harsh,” because I see eminent danger ahead, as everything the large and spacious corporate-building is founded upon is about to collapse.

As youth and adults we have surfed a ton. Sometimes the sets roll in, suddenly, and out of nowhere. The guy that can see them rolling in yells out a warning that we are all familiar with, “BACK-SET! BACK-SET! BACK-SET!” And then we all paddle like crazy, to avoid getting slammed on the inside break! Unfortunately, sometimes, we get caught on the inside, and in the turmoil of the white-water, one of us might loose our board, …left stranded, in the impact zone. The possibility of drowning causes all of us worry, looking out for each other, and there isn’t one of us who wouldn’t paddle to retrieve their board, despite the danger. Death is an unacceptable outcome. Please forgive me for not being gentle as a dove, …but, “BACK-SET! BACK-SET! BACK-SET!”



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