True Equality (1565 Words)

Personal Revelation Used to Expand Understanding of the Covenant, and Unite the Hearts and Minds of the Saints into Zion

The hierarchy lives on, even when you’re cast-out of the church. Equality, in a world governed by institutions, is a foreign concept. If there is to be oneness of heart and mind, it can only be accomplished when the heart and mind of God is what governs.

Even after being cast out of church, I have found that the spirit of hierarchy lives on. Over the years, my family and I have broken the traditional rules of “discussing the scriptures” outside of the presiding authorities control. We have gone to great lengths to understand the mind and will of God beyond the manuals of the church. We have had people come to our house to discuss deeper doctrines of the scriptures.  We have gone to other people’s houses, attended firesides, read books, and paid for classes, in search of knowing God. Our efforts have given us greater enlightenment concerning the mind and will of God. We have adjusted our lives to fit the doctrine, and that has labeled us as heretics, and resulted in being cast-out as apostates to the church. We were a threat to our local leaders, and they’ve extended their judgements as far as they can, by casting us out. We continue to meet often with people who seek deeper into the doctrines of Christ, and you’d think that we would be free of the hierarchy. It’s a bad assumption. The hierarchy only takes on the form of a social hierarchy.

Hierarchies take all kinds of shapes and forms. We can’t seem to escape the mentality of a hierarchy, as we have been accustomed to it all our lives through layers and layers of institutionalism (the large and spacious building). I refuse to return to the church who kicked us out for bearing testimony of Christ, as the voice of Christ instructed us to. So we gather in what we call “Fellowships.” Initially, it starts out as equals, but quickly, over a short period of time, people follow their natural tendencies, and take upon themselves their natural desired positions and aspirations.

People who gravitate to leadership take over, making announcements, orchestrating the gatherings, conducting the meetings, giving lessons, assigning lessons, facilitating, and controlling the conversations. People who gravitate to following a man, begin quoting the men, seeking credibility in their relationship with men, name dropping as often as possible, and establishing strategic relationships to advance themselves. Other people try to innovate, making things up as they go, generating more splinter groups, and using creative license to justify their logic. Another group of people take a slick approach, by pretending that everyone is equal, while pulling the puppet-strings behind the scenes, using strategic maneuvers to manipulate, coerce, and control, without anyone noticing their work (puppeteers/ventriloquists). Others float around, not finding what seems to make sense. All of them claim a degree of equality, or no one would continue to meet with them. But, equality, in a world governed by institutions, is a foreign concept.

Without True Equality, Zion cannot exist. If there is to be oneness of heart and mind, it can only be accomplished when the heart and mind of God is what governs. No one, but God, can claim the distribution rights for THAT franchise. True Equality can only be acquired by being united in one, based upon God’s heart and mind. However, in our fallen state, if God were to reveal all of His heart and mind in an instance, in our fallen state, we would all burn. Therefore, God has established a three-step process to gradually condition ourselves in preparation for His unveiling. The process is: Word/ Angel/ Christ in the flesh.

While some have had angelic visitations, and have entered into the presence of Christ, those individual circumstances are beyond our control to conjure ourselves. However, we have the words of Christ at this point, …and it is a covenant offered to those who would be united upon the heart and mind of God. That’s enough to begin the process back to God. Using the words of Christ to produce True Equality will be the emphasis of this blog.

The image above is a diagram I came up with to explain how the words of Christ ought to be used to produce True Equality and one heart and one mind among the saints. God requires each of us to not only accept the covenant of the words of Christ, but to help one another write it upon our hearts, so that we can live the covenant, …not only to say, but to do. Each person must expect personal revelation (indicated in the image by the exclamation point!). However, personal revelation is exactly that, personal. Thus, trying to use personal revelation to put one above the next is destructive. It’s only value to others rests only in your ability to …add greater clarity to the words of Christ. When others have personal revelation, they must resist the temptation to hold themselves above the next, and instead …add greater clarity of the words of Christ. It is the words of Christ that must increase to unite the people into one heart and mind. A people who are united in heart and mind by the covenant of the words of Christ, are now prepared to receive further light and knowledge by messengers sent from the presence of Christ (angel). The servant like Adam, Enoch, Abraham, Moses, etc., is assigned by God to tutor his people in a higher law, once they’ve proven their ability to live the lower law in oneness, found in the words of Christ. Once sufficiently tutored by the servant, they are presented to Christ in the flesh. Christ’s presence is the establishment of Zion. Christ continues the process of instruction, to prepare us to return into the presence of God the Father, to be a family.

So there you go!

Conclusion: No one has the right to put themselves above the next. All are equal, and should be respected as such. One person’s advantage over the next ought to be used only to lift one another, by expounding scripture, to have all things in common. When the covenant of the words of Christ is what leads, all of our fears ought to be cast out from among us, so that we can reason with one another, and let the words of Christ be the final judge. In the large and spacious building leadership seems necessary to avoid chaos. However, when the words of Christ leads, there is order and peace. In Zion leadership is not only distasteful, it is destructive. A community that has exhausted all it’s understanding of the scriptures, and still require greater clarity, …it will necessitate more scripture, putting the responsibility in God’s court. That’s a good position for our family.

I have invited you all to partake in sustaining the restoration scriptures with me on September 2, 2017. Within the restoration scriptures is the writings of Joseph Smith in it’s original form, and his translation of the Bible and Book of Mormon, without the sticky hands of the leadership, who changed and deleted scriptures willy-nilly. If you are willing to commit to doing that, I promised that I would fly home to prepare you for receiving the covenant, not to be a leader, or to make you follow me, or to innovate, or to be your puppeteer. I offered to do it only to be Truly Equal. That way all that I know about the scriptures will be “common” among us. Wether you agree or not with what I know, that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that the words of Christ is what we depend upon to unite our hearts and minds. I respect your agency, and am willing to be with you, even if it means going to church with you, bearing your burdens with you, cleaning your houses with you, or doing things that you simply don’t have the time to do, …so that you can invest the necessary time to know the words of Christ. That way, we will have no poor among us.

I have a surety that you are able to be one. Our family-electrician reminded me last night of how so many people would benefit from our oneness. My ex-next-door neighbor awaits our oneness. Our extended family looks on to see our oneness. I trust that God can do the miracle he said he’d do, if we would accept to live the covenant together. No one need worry about leaving the church. You won’t have to leave it by your choice. And when the time comes that they kick you out, you will have already replaced the foundation of THAT institution, with the words of Christ. You will be the wise man who built his house upon a rock.

Put aside your false notions about me, and experiment upon the words of Christ. Rather than seeing the labels others have given me, hear me and consider me, even if it is only because I am your brother. Go to the scriptures, and ask God if what is being presented is true. You have great value to God’s work. I believe that you can qualify, and we can be one. I am willing to risk everything to prove it.


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