Symbolic ECHO… Echo… echo… (1303 Words)

Zion is the family of God, and the symbol of the family is mistaken

Christ’s restoration of the church was a Symbolic ECHO… Echo… echo… If you are able to see through the religious justifications, what you are being presented points to a personal relationship with God and His family. Considering that the original design was a family, that will give us the necessary clues to identify what is required for entry into Zion. We-a-familia!

The Pattern: Consider the patterns of every restoration recorded in scripture, and you will find, in one form or another, the Symbolic ECHO directing our attention to the family of God. Adam taught his family, and they gathered at Adam-ondi-ahman (or Adam in the presence of Son Ahman), restoring the patriarchal order, and the family of God. Enoch and Melchizedek both established a family of equality, and produced Zion, or in other words a family of God. Noah, who lived between Enoch and Melchizedek, took on his ark, his family (the few who listened to him), but as stated before, only one of his sons (Melchizedek) was able to establish the family of God. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob renewed the ancient covenant of patriarchs, restoring the family of God once again. But, they’re truths were quickly corrupted within five generations. Even Moses failed to establish Zion, or in other words a family of God, as he too was only able to seal a handful, and the children of Israel fell into apostasy.

Christ didn’t establish Zion either. He offered the Jews the family of God, but they sought to kill Him instead. Since He preached among those who claimed Abraham, Christ used the Symbolic ECHO to point the minds of the Jews to the family of God established by Abraham. He called Peter, James, and John, symbolically pointing to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He called twelve apostles, symbolically representing the twelve tribes of Jacob. He called a quorum of seventy men, symbolically reaching back to the seventy family members who moved into Egypt. The seventy came of the twelve tribes, who came of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Exodus 1). When considering the big picture from the beginning of time, what you see constantly being restored is, …THE FAMILYThe Family, …the family. 

The Family: If you are able to see through the religious justifications, what you are being presented points to a personal relationship with God and His family. As we are conditioned to a corporate and colonial world, we have justified our church as the only true church, upon the face of the whole earth. And we use as our evidence the Symbolic ECHO While Joseph Smith restored the church, echoing back to Christ, failure to see the objective of Christ to restore the family of God, “…all as at first,” is failure to see past the religion, to find atonement through a personal relationship with God the Father, through Jesus Christ, His Son. And this is where the Mormon model fails to return. They have used the model of a first presidency, twelve apostles, and a quorum of the seventy, and redefined it to be a hierarchy of greater and greater keys and authority, …when it’s original design, given by Christ, was that each were a Symbolic ECHO to the family of God. When Joseph Smith restored the organization, within the Doctrine and Covenants he reiterated that each of these quorums were equal in authority (D&C 107). And to add an exclamation point to it all, within the same section, Joseph Smith teaches about the original model at the beginning of time, pointing back to Adam and his seven sons (Patriarchal Order), at Adam-Ondi-Ahman. However, immediately after Joseph and Hyram’s death, the twelve apostles strategically, and over a long period of time, undertook to cover their sins, to gratify their pride, their vain ambition, to exercise control and dominion and compulsion upon the souls of the children of men, in many degrees of unrighteousness. So what we have NOW is a clear separation of The Church and The Gospel. And our current organization, although they call themselves a family, is closer to a corporation, and furthest from the model of the family of God. We should repent and return.

The Lesson: How do we begin to return from what we are now, to become the family of God, and therefore qualify to belong to Zion? Considering that the original design was a family, the scriptures will give us clues to identify what is required to return the “family of God” to its proper order, clarifying the prerequisites for entry into Zion. We have vague records of Adam and the original Zion, Enoch and his Zion, and Melchizedek and his Zion. So studying that group would be a very great start, pointing the mind to what Zion “IS,” rather than focusing only on what Zion “ISN’T.” However, don’t underestimate the failure of the Jews at the time of Christ, and the failure of the early saints at the time of the restoration, …and their ability to teach us what Zion “ISN’T.” Knowing what Zion “ISN’T” is also beneficial, so that we don’t repeat their mistakes. You can study that concept yourself, but I’ll give you a few hints that stand out to me.

In all successful Zions, everyone was equal, and none was above the next. It was accomplished when the patriarchal head (Adam/Enoch/Melchizedek) preached the words of Christ, in it’s purity, and the people repented. They not only aligned with the words of Christ, but were united upon the words of Christ. Their united faith grew from the words of Christ, to additional light and knowledge from a messenger, until Christ Himself appeared in the flesh. We ought to maintain equality among us, having no one above the next, and being centered upon the covenant of the words of Christ, not only to say, but to do.

The failure of the Jews and the early saints identify their inability to see through the Symbolic ECHO But, …and there’s always a big butt, …their failures offer good information of what NOT to do. We ought to have NO hierarchy, and ought to depend only upon the use of “persuasion” as the only tool to convince others. The  jarrings or contentions of the early saints must be eliminated in us, and can be if we “center our lives upon the covenant.” And finally, the early saints failed to address the needs of removing poverty from among them. We can “focus our sacrifices” to have no poor among us. We cannot repeat the same mistakes, while expecting a different result.

Conclusion: We-a-famila! So lets act like the familia of God. Lets be centered upon the words of Christ, and put into question our false traditions. When we are centered upon the words of Christ, then we can discuss with one another the best method to work out our repentance. We have a lot to repent of, starting with our ignorance of the words of Christ. We will find, through this process, a reduction of jarrings, strifes, contentions, …and an increase of soft heartedness, forgiveness, healing, and abundance. As abundance begins to flow in our direction, we will maintain equality, and there will be no poor among us.

The biggest task facing us right now is our ability to see through a Symbolic ECHO… Echo… echo… We need to know the difference between a church, and family. If we can see God’s intention, pointing to the family, with a Patriarchal Father, then we can see that the church is not a place of safety. If you are able to recognize these truths, then you will see that I am not a threat to you. I am just as much your hope, as you are mine, to obtain entry into Zion. The separation is upon us. Both you and I are being judged here. Let’s work together.



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