The Covenant Lexicon (1389 Words)

A Lexicon is a vocabulary of a person, and it houses their concepts of knowledge. As people’s “…hearts become set so much upon the things of this world and aspire to the honors of men,” …the Lexicon drifts, and pure knowledge is reduced to philosophies of men, mingled with scripture. The loss or rejection of pure knowledge, indicates being ripened for destruction. We are currently ripened for destruction, …but that can change with a return to The Covenant Lexicon.

The words that we hear, read, think, and speak make up our personal Lexicon. Nephi advises us to talk of Christ, preach of Christ, and prophesy of Christ, to emphasize this idea. The Lexicon controls the “knowledge and culture” of a people. People in different areas use different Lexicons, reflecting their knowledge and culture. In Hawaii “Da-Kine” can mean hundreds of different things. On my mission in California, they used different words, spoke with different emphasis and voice pitches. In Utah, they speak “Mormon-ese,” …and they say things like “warsh” instead of wash, …and “Mou’ens” instead of mountains. To add to all the confusion, our digital world has created it’s own vocabulary of acronyms (LOL, BTW, etc.). Emojis have also introduced another Lexicon that accompanies the already massive library of terms, requiring all to read in pictures. The words people listen to, read, think, and speak governs their knowledge and culture. To put it simply, the rule of thumb is:

“He who controls the Lexicon, controls the knowledge and culture of the people!”

The scriptures were intended to be a Covenant Lexicon that preserves the language of the Patriarchal Fathers, to provide “Great Knowledge” and a “Zion Culture,” where men and gods co-mingle. However, as people’s “…hearts become set so much upon the things of this world and aspire to the honors of men,” …the Lexicon drifts, and pure knowledge is reduced to philosophies of men, mingled with scripture. More laws are added, until the added laws displace the original laws, and the Covenant Lexicon is misinterpreted, confounded, and unable to produce wisdom. Consider some examples.

The brother of Jared prayed, at the time of the tower of Babel, for the preservation of their language. He did so at a time when language was being eroded, and knowledge was being lost. God preserved their language. Although it doesn’t state it directly, I believe it was preserved with scripture, through a Covenant Lexicon, as was done in all dispensations. However, when in the promised land, the people drifted from the Covenant Lexicon. The Jaredites displaced the language of the Covenant Lexicon with secret combinations, and were swept-off the earth. A similar pattern can be seen with Nephi and the record he brought from Jerusalem.

The constitution was a form of a Covenant Lexicon, when it originated. The founders of America were influenced by the Bible, and their writings reflected the Abrahamic covenant. Today, not only does the constitution hang by a very thin thread, the laws that men have written to displace the constitution has totally drowned, distorted, and deformed the original, …making it into an abomination. The new laws that explain the constitution have become the new constitution, or in other words a drifting Lexicon, without a covenant. Our current governing laws shift with every wind of doctrine, promoted by the masses, independent from the damage it will produce our future posterity.

The founding of the LDS church began with a Covenant Lexicon, just the same. It’s founder, much like America’s founders, searched the Bible. He returned into the presence of Christ, the author of the Covenant Lexicon. At the outset, the early saints were offered to be unmoved and blessed with the presence of Christ on the condition that they would adhere to the Covenant Lexicon. But, they suffered condemnation for treating lightly the covenant. Today, the LDS church has chosen to displace the Covenant Lexicon with their committee manuals and handbooks. While the Covenant Lexicon occupies four books, there are libraries full of General Conference reports, Ensign articles, church manuals and handbooks that make up a replacement drifting Lexicon. They place emphasis on studying the words of Christ by mouth alone, drawing near with their lips. But, when the words of Christ conflict with their drifted Lexicon of Conference Reports, Ensigns, manuals, and handbooks, …they abandon the words of Christ and trust in their drifting Lexicon instead. Both America and the LDS church will suffer the same fate as the Jaredites and the Nephites if they fail to repent and return to the Covenant Lexicon.

The loss or rejection of pure knowledge, indicates being ripened for destruction. We are currently ripened for destruction, …but that can change with a return to the Covenant Lexicon. The proposed scripture project approaching quickly, on September 2-3, 2017, is an effort to repent of the lost and lightly treated Covenant Lexicon. In this project, the Old Testament and New Testament will contain ALL of the Joseph Smith translation as its PRIMARY TEXT. The LDS OT/NT has only scraps of the Joseph Smith translation, and they are only provided in the footnotes, and partially in the back of the Bible. The Doctrine and Covenants portion of the project has produced much difficulty, trying to research who said what, to authenticate the truth of what was said by God to the saints. The process of identifying D&C sources has revealed the secret combinations of the LDS church, to justify their lyings, adultery, murder, and deceptions, since the death of Joseph and Hyram Smith. Fixing their interwoven lies have proven to be a difficult task for those of us who have inherited that record, but want to restore the original offered Covenant Lexicon. By repenting and restoring the Covenant Lexicon we fully expect that along with the language, the pure knowledge will be restored, …and the hearts of the children will have turned to the promises made to the Fathers, …and the hearts of the children can turn to the Fathers, …so that the hearts of the Fathers can turn to the children. Otherwise, as we are instructed, the whole earth will be utterly waisted at His coming. We believe that God is bound by His word, and those who seek to return to His word will bind the Lord to them, and seal themselves to eternity.

Conclusion: Propaganda is another term for controlling the Lexicon. When you have control of the language of a people, you control the culture/traditions of that people. When you control the culture/traditions of a people, you control their perception of history, …because the victors always write the history. The victors of today change the history to justify their position, and to promote their future agendas. The catholic church confiscated the lexicon, and replaced the culture, with bitter fruits of institutionalism. They used their power to change history at the general conference of Nicea. And they have faired sumptuously off of the contributions of the widow’s mite, while killing the Martin Luther’s and William Tindale’s, for trying to restore the Covenant Lexicon to it’s original intent.

The LDS church has followed this pattern by using their handbooks to resolve doctrinal questions, instead of doctrine to resolve handbook questions. They’ve sought deep to hide their sins, replacing the tragic history of lies, adultery, murders, and deception, …with feel good stories of surviving the calamities of God’s condemnation upon them (Nauvoo). Rather than repenting of their past mistakes, they’ve re-written the history, to provide them a very bright future of corporate success ahead. Those of us who, like Martin Luther and William Tindale, try to restore the Covenant Lexicon to it’s original intent are being cast-out, excommunicated, and rejected for doing so. Propaganda is the tool of choice for those exercising control and unrighteous dominion.

When we preserve agency, it’s the truth that matters most, and that is what must be circumscribed into one great whole. Truth will provide the weak to overpower the high and mighty. It will produce equality and squash greed. How you choose to spend your time, accumulating and trusting in truth or maintaining the lies, will determine your reality. But, in the end, the earth will be burned, and those who have trusted the truth will remain, while all others will be swept off the land. Return to and receive the Covenant Lexicon. Check yourself, before you wreck yourself!


2 thoughts on “The Covenant Lexicon (1389 Words)

  1. I would like to see you make your point – ANY point without using the Mormon Church in it as the bad example or as a comparison or attaching its history. Leave the church alone and if it is YOUR thing, YOUR testimony, then own it as your own and not because the church this and because the church that. LEAVE THE CHURCH OUT OF THIS! If this is about Christ, then talk about Christ. If this is about the scriptures, then talk about the scriptures. It seems you cannot state anything unless you somehow turn to the church and criticize it or “prove” it wrong. Enough, already! Worship our Redeemer. Serve our Lord. Testify of Christ who is full of hope, light, and truth. Mom

    • I recognize that you value the “Church” and would prefer that I leave it alone, and stop attacking it, so that I can share my perspective with you concerning light. I get that you are defensive towards the church because you have benefitted from it’s teachings, and that it has been the best tasting fruit on the market. You see the principles of tithing that you have lived and have been blessed from it. You have witnessed the whisperings of the spirit, and have a testimony of certain truths. And for that, you have established your footing upon the principles it teaches. But what you haven’t recognized is that you have established your foundation upon an institution, and NOT upon Christ.

      You have assumed that the separation of the wheat from the tares would occur just as you have assumed. Christ has warned us that our ways are NOT his ways. This was to disassociate you from an institution, through a worthy test of separating wheat from tares, requiring nothing less than a witness of Christ to claim success. The institution will claim knowing a man as that success, but Christ requires “knowing HIM” alone as success. In other words, if you don’t know HIM, you have failed to be associated with the wheat, and are now grouped with the tares.

      It’s a perfect test, if you’d consider it. Considering, though, is very difficult, when you think you’re right. I have come to learn that fighting to be right, only produces contention, and necessarily rejects consideration. Faith is not threatened by consideration. So you ought not fear considering what I am saying. Fear, however, is threatened by consideration. Because consideration just might expose you to being wrong! Despite the fact that you will profess being wrong on many occasions, you have established a position that “ON THIS OCCASION” you will die, before being wrong. And that attitude has always produced PRIDE, while consideration has ALWAYS produced humility! So, before you put words in my mouth, I’ll say it, “You suffer from a bad case of PRIDE, and because of it, you will not TRULY CONSIDER what I am saying.” That is the disease of the Gentiles, and you ought not associate yourself with them (unless they are repentant. But that means that they would CONSIDER.)

      Our family is very much at one, when it comes to the heart. We have screwed up many things, and Satan cannot seem to win at breaking us apart. We dislike many attributes of one another. We fight like savages at times. We have offended deeply. But, …you cannot tell me that we would not come together and work, and bear one another’s burdens, and suffer, …if any one of us needed help, was bearing a burden alone, or suffering. Waika’s death, the dramas upon us now, and all the skeletons in all of our closets are all tragic. But our bond of love, in this family, is stronger now than it has ever been. I would witness to anyone that our bond is stronger than the chords of death itself, and the powerful thing is, we all know it! What we lack, is the unity of mind! And that is because we will not consider, and are full of PRIDE.

      It’s the truth, and you know it. Don’t fight it, take the chastening now while the waters of Shiloh are gentle. What is just around the corner will be difficult. It’s hard to quench your thirst, when you’re drowning. The very act of drinking, in the midst of drowning will cause death. So drink freely from the living waters now, while the waters are gentle, instead of procrastinating your day of repentance until the floods are upon us.

      See me as more than just “your boy.” Because I AM!

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