Celestial Law (866 Words)

The Earth abides a Celestial Law, and all who abides the same law shall inherit the Earth!

Before the creation of the world, the plan of redemption was set, and all agreed to it. The veil and agency is coupled to provide all with an opportunity to express what law will govern them, Telestial, Terrestrial, …or Celestial Law. The Earth keeps a Celestial Law, and all who abide it will inherit it. Which law do you uphold on your standard?

Christ was the redeemer from the creation of the word, before the world was. On the third day, the Celestial Law was put in place in the heavens, to lead all men who would keep it back into a celestial glory. Each day comes in specific order, …for the welfare of those who belong to God. The lights in the firmament cannot be corrupted, …so all who seek to obey them will be incorruptible.

Genesis 1:14

“14. And God said, let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day form the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.”

The Celestial Law available to all who take interest in it. Satan cannot mess with it, all he is able to do is to distract you with fake light on Earth, until you forget how to understand what is written in the heaven “…for signs…” In every dispensation ending in apostasy, they find themselves ignorant of the heavens, and following every wind of doctrine, connected to worldly aspirations and the glory and honor of men. Wicked priests, exercising priestcraft, have always used their “…little authority, as they suppose…” to “…exercise unrighteous dominion.” (D&c 121:39) They will justify their actions, claiming that they are from God, while using their positions of influence to annihilate your understanding of the signs in the heavens, …leaving you unanchored to the unchanging Celestial Law. Those who are meek will recognize that they know nothing of the signs in the heavens, and having found that they lack wisdom, will then ask of God that gives to men liberally, and doesn’t upbraid. God is at the core of all lights in the heavens. The lesser lights, as well as the lesser laws, are filtered  and offer much less than the Celestial (the fullness). God offers you as much as you will receive. “The veil” and “agency” is coupled to provide all with an opportunity to express what law will govern them, Telestial, Terrestrial, …or Celestial Law.

The Earth keeps a Celestial Law, and all who abide that law will inherit the Earth. The story of Captain Moroni was not just a story, but a prophesy. The title of liberty was written on a “remnant,” or torn piece of his garment, pointing to only a “remnant,” to remember the covenant of the heavens. When properly understood in that context, you can see him pointing to the heavens, and raising that title of liberty “into the sky,” as a beacon for all whose hearts would receive it, to awake and arise!

2 Nephi 15:26

“26 And he will lift up an ensign to the nations from far, and will hiss unto them from the end of the earth; and behold, they shall come with speed swiftly; none shall be weary nor stumble among them.”

While you might find very good  things in church, and I recommend you continue to find those things in church, …when it comes to understanding the stars, moon, and sun, …set in the heavens for signs, you will come up empty-handed. I don’t care how hard you look, you will find little instructions about how to obey the Celestial Law. The scriptures speak directly to that law, but iniquity has once again wiped our understanding out of the heavens, and we are left following a man, who hasn’t the knowledge, or the mental health, to point us to understand the heavens at all. The Nauvoo temple was originally designed as an observatory, to know the signs in the heavens. Since the failure of Nauvoo, the church has discontinued any observatory on any temple, and has spent millions on opulent things within it, tied only to the earth.

Conclusion: Last night Mom and Dad told me of your Tuesday 16 May 2017 meeting. I have recorded it in my journal this morning as the day we were ONE! Dad’s principle of being ONE was clearly an excerpt from the Celestial Law. He said that he would carry more load because he could. He taught me that those who can carry more load ought to carry more load. Those who can only carry a little load ought to only carry a little load. But those who cannot carry a load, they ought to be carried by the rest of us who can. That is the principle of “NO POOR AMONG US!” My heart shouts in my deepest, most savage voice, “CHAAAAAAAA HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” I feel the ability to sing the song of redeeming love, …if I only knew the words or the tune. I am extremely proud of your movement towards ONENESS.

Malama Pono!


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