Condescending isn’t the vehicle I choose to use. But it is a tool of abuse, constantly manipulating and using compulsion to produce a result. It is anti-agency, and in alignment with the game plan of the adversary. We would do better to seek the truth of all things, unbound by the boundaries of an institution, rather than protect hierarchy and ranks. Consider the reply from Mom in my last blog:

“Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not. ” Doctrine and Covenants 6:36


Doubt and fear have never been the Lord’s way. Nor has He used condescending ways to manipulate man. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. I trust in the Lord. He has never let me down, nor I Him.

Love you,

Fear and Faith cannot abide in the same man at the same time. You’re right, the Lord’s modus operandi is not to produce doubt and fear. When darkness enters into His presence, the darkness comprehends it not, and in their darkened state, they doubt and fear, …not knowing the God they claimed to believe.

When the word of the Lord comes through the vehicle of chastening, and through a servant no less, it “FEELS” like it is condescending. Condescension requires inequality, and I have never viewed myself as any better than you. The Lord chastens those he loves, and within the chastening is an escape route. It’s not merely telling you where you are wrong. The Lord always instructs you in what you should do instead. However, just because the Lord offers, doesn’t guarantee you will receive. You are the one in question.

You are right on the idea that the Lord has never let you down. He will never let you down. However, the second half of your last statement is not so true. We have all let Him down. I don’t believe we intend to disappoint our Lord, but in our ignorance we repeatedly disappoint. My intention is to remove ignorance, through the words of Christ, and not through condescension.

Conclusion: Condescension comes from hierarchy, where one person is above the next. Yesterday, I ran into the bishop that cast us out. When I saw him and his wife, my heart filled with the emotions of long missed friends. My family and I hugged them each, and we sat outside of Costco catching up (avoiding the conversation about church of course). I believe that in an equal relationship, we would have no strain at becoming very close friends. Now that I am not a threat, the bishop can where the hat of friend once again, and have no ill feelings. Equality can take us farther than inequality. The root of the word iniquity is inequality.

Yesterday, I visited with Yasmin as well, in Ephraim. She felt the need to speak boldly about how much she loved her prophet. I wondered why she felt it important to point that out, and I said that I loved him too. She responded, But you don’t think that he is a prophet, seer and revelator? I responded that I didn’t say that. I believe that in Zion all men are prophets. Accepting someone as a prophet can do nothing to offer you salvation! Accepting the truth, from whatever source it comes from, is all that matters. I would choose the truth, circumscribed into one great whole, over membership and zealousness any day of the week. Truth will set you free, the arm of flesh will let you down, according to Nephi. If a prophet is a prophet, than all that matters is the message, not the man. And that principle maintains equality, and rejects iniquity and condescension.

The signs were written in the heavens, long before the introduction of man. It was set there on the third day of creation. Our inability to understand them indicates our state of apostasy. We can repent, and in meekness, be instructed in the things of the heavens. Or we can cower in our ignorance. I choose to repent. YOU?


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