The Terrestrial Law (888 Words)

The Earth obeys a celestial law that mankind has constantly strayed from in apostasy. Since the Earth has not broken that law, mankind can be reconnected to the Earth, and relearn the celestial law- via The Terrestrial Law. The process of repentance begins in the earnest study of the words of Christ.

Mankind fluctuates back and forth, from restoration to apostasy. But the Earth has kept the celestial law from the creation. What that means is, the Earth takes instructions from the heavens, and always maintains obedience to the lights in the heavens. They are one long ordinance given from the third day of creation. They tell the Earth when to bloom, when to leaf, when to produce fruit, and when to prepare for the cold. Man was created and instructed to name the plants and animals, so man was also familiar with the celestial law, and used his knowledge to name it. Since the celestial law is written in the lights in the heavens, they cannot be manipulated or changed by man, …only by God. When men are in apostasy, they are distracted by what’s going on, on Earth, and forget the instructions in the heavens. Hawaiians have lost the instructions of the heavens. Native Americans have lost the instructions of the heavens. And so have the Mormons. All have come into apostasy. Our disconnected state leaves mankind wandering in darkness at noon day. But, wait, …there’s more!

There’s hope to be found in The Terrestrial Law. Since the Earth has not broken the celestial law, mankind can be reconnected to the Earth, and relearn the celestial law- via The Terrestrial Law. The scriptures house The Terrestrial Law, and promises “prospering in the land” as it’s reward.

This weekend, my wife and I attended a Maori-culture workshop. The presenter’s name was Rereate, and he described their village’s return to the lunar calendar. He connected their oli’s (ancient chants), calling them karakia’s. Within their karakia, it teaches about the best time to fish, aligning with the moon. A group of young Maori’s went fishing on the worst day to fish, and Rereate told them another day would be better. Only one of them listened, and the others caught nothing. Since then, the wiser of the young men has learned Rereate’s pattern of fishing, and constantly catches fish.

Another karakia tells of a flower that blooms, when a certain star arises on the horizon. It’s bloom was instruction to begin planting. It usually appears in their spring. When they timed their planting with the blooming of the flower, the crops are always abundant. Last year, the flower appeared two months early. Those who followed the instruction of the blooming flower were rewarded with an abundant “double-harvest,” while those who depended upon the common Gregorian calendar only had one harvest, …and it wasn’t abundant at all.

My wife observed how The Terrestrial Law requires meekness and humility for anyone to receive it’s knowledge and wisdom. The words of Christ promises all who obey and keep it’s laws, that they will “prosper in the land.” The example above of the Maori method of fishing, requires the humility of a lesser light (moon) to instruct the best time to catch fish. Even more meekness to take notice of the blooming of a single flower, for instruction on planting their crops. We are in a state of apostasy, disconnected from the celestial law. But Christ provides hope for all who would, to repent, and return. The process of repentance begins in the earnest study of the words of Christ, and a return to The Terrestrial Law.

Conclusion: The Terrestrial Law, given in the words of Christ, has gone ignored for far too long. It has become similar to Maori karakia’s, and Hawaiian oli’s. The hula is performed with ritual songs, dress, and dances, intended to remember the old Hawaiian chants, …that teach a connection to the Earth and the Heavens. But the dances have taken on a life of it’s own, forgetting what it was intended on preserving. Likewise, the scriptures have generated a culture with ritual temple songs, dress, and dances of it’s own, and the Mormon practitioners have become more ritual, and less connected to the signs in the Earth and the Heavens.

Rereate has gone back to the karakia’s, and began to observe the patterns of the Earth, to reconnect with the origins of their ancient chants. He has found several patterns of truth, that has returned wisdom and abundance in his village. The words of Christ offer those who will receive it, the ability to recognize and organize truths in such a way, that oli’s and karakia’s enhance our understanding of the Earth, …and therefore provide further light and knowledge of the Heavens. It is a covenant from God that if we obey and keep it, God is bound to prosper us in the land. No truth will be discounted. Instead, all truth can be circumscribed into one great whole (gathered together from all over the world), to the benefit of those who will be meek and humble. Then, the words of Christ will reconnect us to the Earth, and the Earth will teach us the celestial law. That is the only way, and there is no other way, nor name given under heaven, whereby man can be saved.


4 thoughts on “The Terrestrial Law (888 Words)

  1. Yes, it is true. There is only ONE way, and ONE name given under heaven, whereby man can be saved. Amen to that!

  2. This was helpful to me. I was able to comprehend what you have shared with me previously in a greater way! Thanks.

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